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MARCH 2012 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 7 Courtesy photo The year 2008 was, in many ways, a watershed year for both Denton rock music and the national hip-hop scene. The rise of “hip-hopreneurs” prompted Forbes to create its yearly “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list and note that “rap’s focus has shifted from beef to cake — making money, that is.” But as hip-hop’s profile increased nationally at a seemingly exponential rate, and even as the Denton rock scene received a great deal of exposure with a flagship music festival now entering maturity, the city’s equally eclectic hip-hop community has been growing and developing a voice of its own, and is only just now beginning to be noticed. Story by Dave Sims C O V E R S T O RY 940-566-6879 | Features Editor Lucinda Breeding 940-566-6877 F E AT U R E S >> Publisher Bill Patterson Managing Editor Dawn Cobb keyes unlocked Houston native Eric Keyes made his way to Denton in the early ’90s to study music at the University of North Texas. It’s clear that music has been the constant in his life from a very young age, and whether he developed his unique take on sound on his own or at UNT, Keyes certainly plays on his own terms. Courtesy photo/Eric Keyes Advertising Director Sandra Hammond 940-566-6820 Advertising Manager Shawn Reneau 940-566-6843 their mighty pen If anyone still thinks of Baruch the Scribe as the folky, twangle-dangle group of kids from next door, they’ve got it all wrong. The group’s newest album, Intentions — scheduled for release March 2 at Dan’s Silverleaf — is all grown up. >> 13 THE ELEMENTS opening shot good dates >> >> editor’s note 2 4 >> 5 the alchemist A bonny wee glass of Irish coffee. >> 6 try this at home Homemade stompbox from an old cigar box. sketchy stuff >> >> 7 15 flavor junkie Cardo’s Farm Project gives us some steady beets. bargain bytes >> 16 >> 18 Classified Display Julie Hammond 940-566-6819 Contributing Writers Cody Robinson, Alyssa Jarrell, Megan Radke, Dave Sims, Rachel Watts Photographer David Minton Designer Rachel McReynolds On the cover Bun B. Courtesy photo. The contents of this free publication are copyrighted by Denton Publishing Co., 2012, a subsidiary of A.H. Belo Corp. (, NYSE symbol: AHC), with all rights reserved. Reproduction or use, without permission, of editorial or graphic content in any manner is prohibited. Little d After Dark is published monthly by Denton Publishing Company, 314 E. Hickory St.

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