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SHREE MARIAMMAN FESTIVAL Buccleuch Temple’s Divine Mission “To share the Divine Mother’s Grace with Humanity so that they can explore and experience the Divine” We as devotees should ask the Divine Mother the following: Asatho Ma Sat Gamaya (Lead me from Illusion to Reality) Tamaso Ma Jyothi Gamaya (Lead me from Darkness to Light) Mruthyur Ma Amirtham Gamaya (Lead me from Death to Immortality) Significance of Maha Marieamman Prayer Festival One of the most ancient and grandest festivals of the South Indian Community, the Mariamman Prayer Festival, is observed between July 16 and August 17. However popular this festival may be, it is rather disheartening to note that many do not know the origin and significance of this particular Deity and Festival. The concept of Mother Worship has existed since time immemorial. Shakthi, as Divine Mother, is portrayed as cosmic energy in its dynamic form. Being the Mother of the universe, she is ever ready to heed the call of her devotees. As such, in an instance, did this force manifest as Muthu Mari Amman, Muthu (Pearl); Mari (Rain); Amman (Mother), thus being titled as the Mother of Rain, that which is more precious than pearls. In a time of great drought, a time when people were plagued with measles, mumps, small pox etc. did these people seek the help of the Divine Mother. This Mother, ever willing to help her children manifested in the form of a mysterious woman garbed in yards of yellow sarie, carrying a pot of fermented porridge and a bunch of syringa leaves. She suddenly descended on the State of Samayapuram, in the district of Thiruvekardu, in South India. Here, She fed the ill with the sacred porridge and nursed them with a mixture of syringa leaves and turmeric paste. She continued healing the sick at the speed of light and when her work was done, she retired to the forest. The people whom She had cured sought Her and wanted to know the identity of this mysterious Atha(Aunt). They found Her seated under a Syringa(Verpallai) Tree. They humbly asked Her to reveal Her identity and wanted to know how She could be thanked for saving the lives of so many. She disclosed herself as the Supreme Mother of the universe, the feminine aspect of Godhead who is the Divine Mother of Rain, agriculture and prosperity. She further requested that every year, in the time that She appeared, Her devotees gather in great numbers, worship Her with praise and thanksgiving, and distribute freely divinely blessed porridge etc. to everybody assembled and She promised to be their guiding and protecting force and that She will neither leave nor forsake Her devotees.

Significance of Shree Mariamman Prayer

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