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The LTS Bulletin The Newsletter of Lexington Theological Seminary Fall 2012 | Vol 48, No. 3 A call and an answer Laurie, a Master of Divinity program student from Ohio, shares her story of her call to ministry and her journey with LTS During my teenage years, I was very active in the church and served in many ways. I loved teaching Sunday school and mid-week Bible study. As I participated in these capacities, I felt I had something to offer and that I was being led down a path of leadership. I felt that youth ministry was my calling, so I planned to go to a Bible college. As life would have it, I turned down a different path that led far from those plans. I married and had a son by the time I was eighteen, and five years later I was a single mother, struggling to provide for myself and my son. As time passed, I met my current husband, and he was a wonderful addition to our lives. However, when I introduced him to my childhood minister, we were met with disapproval. I was devastated! Now, I was no longer worthy. My faith withered that day. I knew then that I could never go back to church, and I certainly felt as though God would not accept me, either. Several years later, a friend persistently asked me to join her at the local Disciples of Christ church she attended. Reluctantly, I went so that she would stop inviting me. Little did I know this little country church would change my life forever. (Continued) Inside: Matching Gift Challenge met • 2 | Alumna’s Legacy • 7 | New faces at LTS • 3

The Bulletin, Fall 2012 Vol. 48 No. 3

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