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Serving the Sun Parlour Region Since 1874 Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2011 Issue No. 10 $1.25 Leamington Post Caldwell election due this year Pep talk 04--0 lEAM MED Ă SUPPLY EARLUG$ 64707268 ĂŞÄ„ Trevor Teroth QMI Agency \ՏÙÙ Տ¢ 2Â?o Ù½“ãAÂœ "$2 402 $Ă‚Ă‚Ă‚Ă‚ -""?$Ă‚ "$ pennzoil --$"2!"2 EARLUG"  { .n[n‘Ýn  64709171 9n [[nå ª nå‘åªÓ× ªÏª¼× k²€ . 9. . }âoĂ” ŸíÔ\Â?AĂ˜o ÂŤ} A ŸÔ}oĂ˜Ă˜Â’ÂŤÂŚA››Þ Â’ÂŚĂ˜Ă˘A››of ?oĂ”oĂ˝2! ÂŤĂ” !Aý’}o2! Œâ’}Ă”ooÄ‚o 0oÔݒ\oĂ‚ /oĂźAĂ”f AĂ”f Â’Ă˜ ÂĄAfo ÂźAĂžAR›o ⍠âÂ?o Ă˜Ă˘ÂŤĂ”o ›\A⒍Œ ĂźÂ?oĂ”o ލí ŸíÔ\Â?AĂ˜of ލíÔ Ă˜oÔݒ\oc â Ă­Ă˜o ÂŤÂŚ ލíÔ ÂŚoýâ ĂťÂ’Ă˜Â’Ă˘ âßAĂ”f AÂŚĂž Ă˜oÔݒ\oĂ‚ !A’›‘’Œ ÂŤ}}oĂ” RoÂ†Â’ÂŚĂ˜ AÂŚĂ­AÔÞ Âłc êĄ³³ AÂŚf oýŸÔ’ÔoĂ˜ ŸÔ’› äĄc êĄ³³ Ԓo 0â " Aâ :Â’Â›ÂšÂ’ÂŚĂ˜ÂŤÂŚ Ă” The Leamington District Secondary School girls' hockey team captured the WECSSAA Championship Thursday afternoon, after beating L'Essor for the second time in two days. While the ďŹ rst game ended in a shootout, Thursdays' home game was a decisive 5-2 win. Jillian Iles led the way with four goals, with Kayla Lindsay chipping in with one. The girls hosted SWOSSA on Tuesday and faced Sarnia St. Christophers. Above, with just over 20 seconds remaining, Coach Dean Valentino gives his team a ďŹ nal pep talk. Grade 9s off to a ‘great start’ žŒoýâ ⍠2Â’ÂĄ ÂŤĂ”Ă˘ÂŤÂŚĂ˜Âż Ă”Ă˜b !Œ‘Ԓ t‘Ă?c 0Aâ t‘ €²ŒÂ?ĂŁĂŠĂŠÂ?Â˛ĂŁĂœÂŚ Bill Gay Canadians don't realize how important the War of 1812 was A4 Freshco opens A5 Leamington's new grocery store has opened Pat Bailey Leamington Post Cardinal Carter Secondary School recognized the efforts of its newest students at a special family breakfast on Thursday morning. Du b b e d t h e ‘G re at St a r t Breakfast’, it was a morning for honoring the Grade 9 students who had achieved an average of 75% or higher in their first semester of high school. Principal Lou Conte applauded the students for their efforts and encouraged them to continue to work hard toward success in high school. In addition to a buffet breakfast, several students also entertained, including Grade 11 musicians Billy Raffoul and Adam Beckett. The recipients of the awards were; Gabriela Abbas, Vanessa Adragna, Joey Aiello, Jordan Andary, Michelle Asselin, Daniel Bezaire-Arevalo, Jasmine Burke, McKenzie Cervini, Cassandra Colaizzi, Cour tney Cook, Sierra Currie, Anthony D’Aversa, Christopher Dias, Daniel DiGrandi, Samantha Dupuis, Shania Eusebio, Scott Florence, Samantha Friesen, Jane Fysh, Brandon Garcia, Devin Garganta, Gabr ielle Gaspar, Avery Gowdy, Jorge Gutierrez Calzada, Alexander Hamelin, Riley Harder, Amy Harrison, Matthew Harrow, Lisa Hickmott, Sarah Holman, Andrea Ibrahim, Amanda Ingratta, Diana Jeftic, Sharbel Kantati, Louie Khalil, Alex Kim, Matthew Kirzinger, Ashley Lamotte, Martha Lapain, Tatiana Mara- Cardinal Carter celebrated the academic success of its Grade 9 students on Thursday morning with a 'Great Start Breakfast'. Those students with a 75% or higher average in their ďŹ rst semester, along with their families, were invited for a buffet breakfast and awards' ceremony. Above, Michael Saad (right) was joined by his mom Susan and sister Michelle at the CC breakfast. nhao, Andrew Martinho, Mackenzie Mastronardi, Spencer Mastronardi, Sylvana Mastronardi, Quincy McCarthy, Anna Najem, Rami Naom, Sean Nikou, Andres Novoa, Joshua O’Beid, Devin Omar, Joseph Ouellette, Amanda Paparola, Crystal Pare, Joseph Paty, Alexis Pedro, Ashley Pires, Jared Rawlings, Chantal Reeb, Madison Robinson, Renee Rocheleau, Catherine Rumiel, Michael Saad, Tyler Salive, Lucas San- tos, Emily Schincariol, Devan Schulert, Taylor Shanahan, Jenna Sousa, Helen Stewart, Anthony Tannous, Pablo Tannous, Francesca Vaccarello, Sarah Vezina, Nicole Youssef and Steven Zuccato. Feb. 22 family's birthday three-peat Pat Bailey Leamington Post Tory candidate Rich Nicholls is the Progressive Conservative candidate for the Oct. 6 election A8 Flyers tied Leamington Flyers have tied the series with the Vipers B1 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 When Halle Tiessen’s birthday wish came true four years ago, her parents, Greg and Jana, were thrilled with the arrival of Halle’s little brother Colton on Feb. 22. Four years later, Halle’s birthday wish came true again. This time, it was baby sister Cora who arrived in time for Halle and Colton to blow out the candles on their birthday cake. For the Essex family to have all three of their children born on the same day is a novelty of sorts, but the odds of that happening are astronomical. Here’s the strangest part: none of the youngsters were even due in February - let alone on Feb. 22. They were due March 6, 7 and 8. Jana said all three births were preceded by her trying to complete errands or little chores. She said she was shopping at Leamington’s Walmart when her water broke before Halle’s birth in 2003. Her daughter was born at 11:45 p.m. Her due date was March 6. Colton was due on March 8 but after a day of cleaning house and preparing for Halle’s birth- Greg and Jana Tiessen celebrated the birth of their third child, Cora, on Feb. 22 — the same day as son Colton, 4, and daughter Halle, 8, were born. day party, Jana went into labour. Colton arrived at 8:30 p.m., but not before Jana made several calls to cancel Halle’s fourth birthday party. After her first two children were born on Feb. 22, Jana said it became a joke of sorts when her latest addition was due on March 7. But she was prepared this time, celebrating Halle and Colton’s birthdays on Feb. 5, “just in case I went into labour early.â€? At her final doctor’s appointment on Feb. 17 Jana said her doctor warned her that he thought she would once again go early, either Sunday (Feb. 20) or Monday (Feb. 21). “If you can hold off until Monday,â€? Greg joked, “then you can hold off to Tuesday.â€? She said her husband thought it “would be kind of neatâ€? to have all three of their children’s birthday on the same day. So when Family Day came, Jana said she took Colton to the mall and then began baking 65 cupcakes for Halle and Colton to share with their classes. And then the contractions started. Jana said they headed to Metropolitan Hospital but didn’t mention to the doctor the fact that the impending birth could be a three-peat for a Feb. 22 birthday. When she arrived, she was already dilated to six centimetres and at 1:55 a.m. on Feb. 22 Cora was born. Once word spread that Jana had three children all born on Feb. 22, they seriously began wondering about the odds of that happening. It was reported they are 133,255 to one. While Feb. 22 will most certainly be a very special day in the Tiessen household, Jana said they will make sure each of their children has their own little special party - “and then a big family party on Feb. 22.â€? Halle, Colton and Cora are the grandchildren of Ed and Jane Tiessen and Jean and Bruce Carder, all of Leamington. With an election due, several band members from Caldwell First Nation are eager to go to the polls. It has been nearly four years ago since Chief Louise Hillier was victorious, after several years of controversy regarding a land claim issue. “Why is she not calling the election?â€? Ian Duckworth said. “That is the biggest question.â€? The vote is due on March 19, said Duckworth, who noted there should have been a nomination meeting held at the end of January. Last August, the band ratified a $105-million land claim settlement from the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs. A new urban reserve will be developed in Leamington over 30 years, instead of developing a reserve in the southeast ChathamKent, as proposed by the previous Caldwell band council. Members rejected a $23.4-million offer in 2003. The Municipality of ChathamKent had launched a legal challenge with the federal government after taking issue with not being consulted about the potential creation of a reserve in the municipality when the issue surfaced in 1998. When Hillier was elected in 2007, she made settling the outstanding land claim a top priority. Duckworth alleged there has been poor communication and a lack of transparency since that time, and said the election code must be improved. Hillier says this is an election year, but that there is still no official call. She said she was unable to speak at length at that moment, and was unable to be reached later in the day. In 2007, a protest erupted, with several Caldwell First Nation members criticizing the sale of band properties. Hillier said at the time it was to help the band pay down its debt. Band member Teresa Jacobs said some are hesitant to speak up and make waves. “There’s a lot of people who don’t want to,â€? she said. Fighter planes mistaken for quake QMI Agency Chatham-Kent police received calls from two residents from Wheatley reporting hearing a loud boom around the dinner hour last Wednesday evening. One resident described it as “like a car hitting a house.â€? The officer working in the area heard it and members of the fire department apparently did as well. Po l i c e c o nt a c t e d Nat u ra l Resources Canada who advised they did not record an earthquake in the area. Police then contacted the Cleveland Airport and spoke with an air traffic control supervisor who confirmed they had also received numerous calls about the sound. He reported that the sound was of U.S. fighter jets breaking the sound barrier to catch up with a corporate jet that was out of communication near Toledo. After being contacted by the fighters, the corporate jet established contact and continued on its flight plan. Move clocks ahead Leamington Post D ay l i g ht Sav i n g s Ti m e i s returning this Sunday morning, and residents are being asked to make sure they wind their clocks ahead by one hour Saturday evening before they go to bed. Officially, DST will come into effect 2 a.m. on Sunday. Meanwhile, a return to Standard Time will occur on Sunday, Nov. 6.

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