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Left: Photograph by Michael Horvath The view from above before the plants were added fluid and collaborative. James also shared each step of the process on his blog, soliciting an ongoing conversation about his decision making. The garden’s materials are simple and mostly off-the-shelf. Raised beds are built from stacked 6-in. by 6-in. boards and may ultimately be stained. For now, they are being allowed to weather. The pond is formed from concrete blocks with stucco applied to its aboveground edging. Pea gravel covers the nonInspiration planted space. The fence came from gets its custom look Paley Park in Manhattan from the dark blue-grey stain. Experiments with fence colors were posted on the blog and open for discussion—a lot of discussion! Stones brought from Federal Twist philosophically bind the two gardens LEAF MAGAZINE design outside 45

Leaf Magazine, Issue 5, Spring 2013

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