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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper! L o s C e r r i t o s Yo u r C C o u p o ni t y s Loc COMMUNITYNEWS COMMUNITY sent toayl ocoupons ur email. www.y ourcityco 45,000 homes every Friday • Serving Cerritos, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, East Lakewood, Norwalk & La Palma • January 1, 2010 • Volume 20, No. 43 Year in Review-Saying OMMUNITYNEWS ome Magazine - 242,000 homes per month! See back page. Magazine Goodbye to Oh-Nine Your Home Magazine - Publishing Next Week, Look For It With Your Cerritos Newspaper! L o s C e r r i t o s C e r r i t o s COMMUNITYNEWS Harris • Home delivered every Friday to 48,000 homes Vol. 19 No. 45 • January 9, 2009 • • t 2008 HOME MAKOVER FOR ALL YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT NEEDS 714-323-3459 R SEE PAGE 17 FOR DETAILS • Home delivered every Friday to 45,000 homes Vol. 19 No. 52 • March 6, 2009 • • 16 COMMUNITY NEWS GROUP • JUNE 26, 2009 NO Congratulations Hawaiian Gardens OPE Little League Junior Division es per month! See page three. NEWS TO ADVERTISE CALL 800-901- Chinese Happy News Pages 6-7 Is your child the cutest? Enter our contest & win a $125 gift card!! See page 3! COMMUNITYNEWS Undefeated Winners of the Diamond Backs . 46 • January 16, 2009 • • . • Home delivered every Friday to 45,000 homes Vol. 20 No. 23 • July 10, 2009 • • THE HAIR WHISPERER Premi California District 38 Tournament! Who’s Got the Cutest Costume? 40,000 HOMES FOR $20 PER WEEK ! SEE OUR BUSINESS DIRECTORY PAGE 12 Artesia st Costume Contest..Win LL o rr rr ii tt See o o ss C C eePrizes! o ss page 2! COMMUNITYNEWS COMMUNITY OMMUNITYNEWS COMMUNITYNEWS P C e r r i 40,000 t o s HOMES FOR $20 PER WEEK ! SEE OUR BUSINESS DIRECTORY PAGE 14 L o s C e r r i t o s Riders Artesia Cerritos, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, East Lakewood, Norwalk & La Palma • Vol. 20 No. 37 • October 30, 2009 • • • Home delivered every Friday to 45,000 homes Vol. 20 No. 18 • May 29, 2009 • • * Recession Cuts Into Cerritos Revenue We Salute Your 2009 Miss Artesia and Miss Artesia Teen Crowned • Home delivered every Friday to 45,000 homes Vol. 20 No. 5 • April 17, 2009 • • Tremendous Achievement! $10,0 Expansion percent reduction. The Cerritos By Larry Caballero Auto Square declined by $204.2 Team Sponsor - Tri-Cty Regional Medical Center million in 2008, a 21 percent ore than 400 family C A LL fo r A f ree C A n Cer Bro CH U re : reduction. He said the decline in members and friends By Jerry Bernstein retail sales is estimated to result were among the invited in a $2.5 million reduction in guests at the Artesia Community peaking before members sales tax revenue for the city in Center on May 22 to celebrate the of the Cerritos Regional f i s c a l year 2008-10 adding city of Artesia’s 50th Anniversary Chamber of Commerce that with the defeat at the 2009 Miss Artesia and Miss at the annual State of the Soroptimists Budget of all the proposi- Artesia Teen Pageant. City Luncheon May 21, 24 Hour Emergency Room 21530 S. Pioneer Blvd. tions (but one) Pageant Director Linda GonCity Manager Art GalHawaiian Gardens in the recent zalez said that this year’s pageant 562-860-0401 lucci described the city statewide was “the biggest we’ve ever had financial condition as election, in the seven years that I have been sound even with the scann the state the director. Our theme for the recession, a reducmight pageant was the Fabulous Fifties tion in sales tax revtake $1.2 in celebration of the city’s 50th enue and a prob$10 Bu million of anniversary.” able additional Cerritos Gonzalez wanted to wish each raid on city funds $10 En property of the beautiful contestants “the by the state. The tax revbest of luck! It was a great pleaproposed budget 10 ho enue. sure to have them participate in of $87 million is the year’s pageant activities.” Run economy. Artesia Princesses Marisa Romo, Jazmine Lu- at top 10 am It was a tremendous year budget for the cities LCCN covers, even though it wasOn one of thethis most difficult years to manage, {l-r} givenTop therow: state of theTeen state and national Starting a balance bright side, Gonzalez said the ages of the cero, Mayor Pro Tem Tony Lima, Artesia Princesses Kandice Perez, and the city’s asCerritos City Manager Art Gallucci and going left to right-City of Cerritos’ float in the 120th Annual Tournament Parade range was honored with Grand Marshal's Trophy for “Excellence in Creative Conhe said of Roses 18 contestants from 13 for a the Lorraine Llamas. Bottom row {l-r}: Miss Artesia Teen Emily Gilvaluation is [l-r] Bruce Barrows cept & Design". sessed Artesia celebrated its and 50thMayor anniversary with a gala dinner in March. TowneupCenter opened this past November. Hawaiian Gardens opened the beautiful Nordstrom Miss Norwalk Teen contestant, to 25 for liland, Miss Artesia Jackie Skiles. Photo courtesy of Kristin Keiser $7,283,324,544. confer at State of City Luncheon held Departa Miss Artesia contestant. The Library and Public Safety Center. Los Cerritos Center released their new sculpture design, after Nordstroms is built. The undefeated Hawaiian Gardens Diamonbacks won the Gallucci said in the Sierra Room of the Cerritos Store judges parking considered the contestants eant.” District 38 Championship. Artesia Center unveiled new plansArts. to designment a fully automated structure in the downtown area. Dome on top of Towne Center building. “The gowns had toplaced be age the bad news for their the Performing is building after each was interviewed, gave appropriate,” said Gonzales. No After several of comThe dome is composed of 12retail aluminum bands that create the transparent surface of the dome, which is crowned by a 16ft. tall stainless steel mesh sculpture called hours the “Undulating was overall an onstage speech, answered a questions on religion, politics, or petition and judging, the winners salesand tax for fiscal Spire.” Miss Artesia Miss Artesia Teen crowned. question from the judges and the race were allowed. “We don’t were finally announced: See State of the City Hawaiian Gardens Casino 11871 Carson St. Hawaiian Gardens, year 2008-09 has declined by All players must have positive ID. No purchase necessary. Hawai way they presented themselves need any controversy in our pag-GEGA 002016, promotions at any time. Must be 21 to enter casino. Gambling Pr an estimated $27.1 million, a 10 CONTINUED ON 8 on stage in their gowns. See Artesia page 7 City continues to move forward despite shortfall. S M hold ‘em tou begin Artesia * Resolution Laying a Memorial Wreath at the Cerritos Veteran’s Memorial are members of the Southern California Philippine-US Veteran Association. Looking on are members of the Cerritos City Council and Major David C. Morris, 1st Combat Engineers Battalion out of Camp Pendleton and [not shown] Artesia-Cerritos Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1846. ONLINE POLL Previous question: This week's question: Cerritos Observes Memorial Day Hawaiian Gardens Residents Refute Gang Designation by Media By Jerry Bernstein By Jerry Bernstein Editor’s Note: Father Denis Edward O’Brien, USMC, wrote the following: Hawaiian Garden residents filled the city council chamber to capacity, venting their anger and disgust at the way the media had described the city in the recent gang bust throughout Southern California at the City Council meeting May 27. They were particular incensed with media reports that one in 15 people living in Hawaiian Gardens was a gang member. That statement was said by Sal Hernandez, the FBI’s top agent in Los Angeles and quoted throughout the media. The residents stated that was not true, and accused the Lakewood Sheriff deputies It is the soldier, not the reporter Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus Artesia organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag. O’Brien, speaking at a news conference at the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station where Ortiz had been assigned, described the case as the largest gang bust in the country’s history. Resident said arrests were made in 30 cities. They didn’t understand why Hawaiian Gardens was singled out. Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Michael Gomez said there have been many questions about the city’s role in the probe. He said the operation was the culmination of a four-year investigation that included the Attorney Generals Office, the FBI, ATF, and the IRS Criminal Investiga-

Los Cerritos Community News 1-1-10

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