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project: Convoys Wharf Urban Design Framework, London, UK (2000-2001). my role: Urban Designer: morphological, historical, social research, analysis; design/program concept w/ Richard Burdett & Kathryn Firth; digital modelling.

project: London School of Economics Estates Strategy (campus development + design framework), London UK (2000-2001). my role: morphological, programmatic research; preliminary pro forma; design/program concept w/ Richard Burdett & Kathryn Firth; digital modelling; visualization.

project: The Yards at Fort Rouge, T.O.D. (2013) my role: Assisted Geoff Zywina (GEM Equities) with marketing of residential units, and layout of Jubilee Rapid Transit Station.

project: 327 Kingston Crescent House renovation, Richard Prins Architect (2013) my role: Site documentation, zoning review, design development, digital modelling, drawings for class D cost estimate.

project: The Post-Prairie Park, submission to Re-Imagining Winnipeg, Storefront Manitoba / Winnipeg Free Press call for ideas (2012). my role: design/program concept, digital modelling, public presentation.

project: WPG_POV short film, funded by Winnipeg Film Group First Film Fund (ongoing) my role: Film-maker, including modeling in Vector Works and animation in Director.

project: Lignes directrices pour la qualité architecturale et urbanistique des édifices à Montréal / prototype Urban Design Guidelines and website (2004). my role: Chargé du projet, with Peter Fianu - independent consultant to McGill University/Université du Montréal.

project: ĂŠCartographies, installation, RAW:Gallery of Architecture & Design (2011). my role: Project initiator, coordinator of video production, drawing, string network design, coordinator of construction.