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Fall 2013 LOUISIANA TECH I/O BULLETIN Industrial/Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program Newsletter ! • Fall Retreat 2013 • Recent News • Alumni Report • Consulting Challenge • SIOP and IPAC 2013 Inside this Issue • Internships • Meet the Students and Faculty • Research • Photos THE START OF A NEW ACADEMIC YEAR Greetings and welcome to the annual newsletter for the Louisiana Tech University I/O Psychology Ph.D. program! We are entering our 5th year and, wow, how time flies! It seems like yesterday that Frank Igou and I were discussing which classes to include in the program. Frank was instrumental in the planning and creation of the program and I just don’t think we would be where we are now if he hadn’t decided to leave the warm sunshine of Florida. We now have three graduates and five more working their way toward graduation in the coming year. We have accomplished so much over the last four years and it has definitely been a team effort by both students and faculty. !AROS continues to thrive under the leadership of Mitzi Desselles. Our weekly AROS meetings are light years from that first meeting where the topic of discussion was “What’s our name?” Occasionally I run into the original list of names we generated (OPAG, AIRO, Axiom, etc.) and I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have ended up with AROS as our acronym. ! ! In this year’s newsletter, we will try to catch you up on some of the highlights from the last year and introduce you the current group of students. You’ll also notice that we added a new faculty member this year, Steven Toaddy, a recent graduate of North Carolina State University. Steven has wasted no time in making himself part of our team and we have all benefited from his energy and enthusiasm. !To wrap things up, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has made this program what it is today. I really wouldn’t change a thing (other than having some additional funding). It has been a very enjoyable four years and I’m looking forward to the years to come. Thanks Everyone! !Tilman Sheets, Ph.D. Coordinator of the I/O Doctoral Program !1

2013 I/O Newsletter

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