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SOCCER CAMPS NEW Challenger Sports Soccer Camps (2-12 YRS) Challenger Sports Staff Robt. Park Synthetic Fields A GUIDE TO ALL YOUR 2013 SUMMER CAMP FUN SPORT CAMPS CampConnection...Connecting Campsforan All-DayStay! Lions Soccer GOLF CAMPS Poppy Ridge Staff 4280 N. Greenville Rd. Poppy Ridge Jr. Golf Camp (5-17 YRS) All classes held at Poppy Ridge Golf Course driving range and practice facility. Driving Here's how it works. Campers select a week-long morning camp and a week-long af- range is an all grass range with high quality range balls. Standard golf attire appreciated, ternoon camp (ELIGIBLE CAMPS IDENTIFIED BY THE COLOR SHADING) then sign up wear sunscreen, bring a hat. Using your own equipment not necessary but encouraged. for Camp Connection. In Camp Connection, LARPD staff makes sure your child eats Snag Golf (5-7 YRS) lunch and is entertained in the 2-hour timeframe between morning and afternoon Learn golf basics. Player friendly, first touch development program designed for chilcamps. LARPD does not provide lunch. Campers must bring or buy lunch (onsite Deli). dren and adults. Incorporates developmentally appropriate equipment for golf to be CAMP CONNECTION is only available for camps held at the Robert Livermore Com- learned and played in non-traditional venues, such as soccer fields, gyms, or on the munity Center. LARPD does not transport children off site. For information, contact beach. Builds on strong fundamentals of the different strokes and swings and deZack Silva: 925-373-5733 or email velops playing ability quickly and effectively. Equipment and training tools designed CAMP CONNECTION is available each week during the 9-week summer camp season. to simplify the learning process and keep students focused. All equipment provided. 4 classes. No class 7/3, 7/4. M-F 6/11-8/17 11 am-1 pm $35 per wk W 10-11 am 6/19-7/17 $99 Th 10-11 am 6/20-7/18 $99 Robert Livermore Community Center/Robert Livermore Park (5-12 YRS) LARPD Staff Summer Youth Sports Camp (SYSC) (5-12 YRS) LARPD Sports Staff RLCC & Park SPECIAL: BUY 3 WEEKS... GET 4TH WEEK FREE!* Summer Youth Sports Camp (SYSC), held at the Robert Livermore Community Center, provides access to outdoor fields, the Aquatic Center, and gymnasium. Best suited for beginner to intermediate level campers. LARPD experienced staff have the ideal background and training to challenge campers of all ability levels. Teaches traditional and non-traditional sports and games to improve coordination and cardio fitness. AM (morning), PM (afternoon) or All Day sessions. AM/All Day sessions in, snack and lunch, clude swim lessons. PM session includes open swim. Bring water bathing suit, sunscreen and towel. Only non-scuff athletic shoes in the gym. No gum. Includes camp shirt. Contact: Zack Silva at 925-373-5733, Expanded hours available 7:30-8:30 am & 5:30-6pm for additional $35 per week. Drop-in available for PM camps only-$35. Call 925-373-5734 by 10am daily to reserve. No Camps 7/4, 7/5 Week 1: 6/17-6/21 Week 4: 7/8-7/12 Week 7: 7/29-8/2 Week 2: 6/24-6/28 Week 5: 7/15-7/19 Week 8: 8/5-8/9 *Week 3: 7/1-7/3 Week 6: 7/22-7/26 Week 9: 8/12-8/16 *(5–6 YRS, 7–8 YRS, 9–12 YRS) Campers grouped by age AM 8:30 am-1 pm $135 per week PM 1-5:30 pm $135 per week All Day 8:30 am-5:30 pm $215 per week Week 3, 3 day camp. 1/2 day-$83/All Day-$129 *Restrictions: All weeks must be the same, AM, PM or All Day. All weeks must be for the same child. No online purchase, phone or in-person sign up only. Beginner Golf (8-12 YRS) Learn fundamentals of the golf swing, chipping and pitching techniques, and principals of good putting. State-of-the-art digital video analysis incorporated into the lesson program so each student can see his/her swings and work on individual needs. W 11:15 am-12:15 pm 6/19-7/17 $99 Th 11:15 am-12:15 pm 6/20-7/18 $99 Beginner/Intermediate Golf (13-17 YRS) Learn fundamentals of the golf swing, chipping and pitching techniques, and principals of good putting. State-of-the-art digital video analysis incorporated into the lesson program so each student can see his/her swings and work on individual needs. W 12:30-1:30 pm 6/19-7/17 $99 Th 12:30-1:30 pm 6/20-7/18 $99 GYMNASTICS CAMPS NEW Gymnastic and More Summer Camp (3.5-9 YRS) California Gymnastic Staff RLCC Gym Designed to introduce young children to gymnastics. Learn beginning gymnastics and tumbling skills, working on bars, low balance beams, mini-trampolines, vaulting blocks and barrels and incline mates. Campers participate in group activities including ball games, music activities, and parachute, relay and circuit races. Introduced to strength and flexibility exercises with fun and challenging games. During rest time, children explore a variety of craft projects and other hands-on activities. 4/5 classes. No class 7/4. (3–5 YRS) M-F (5.5–9 YRS) M-F (3–5.5 YRS) M-F 9:30 am-12:30 pm 1:30-4:30 pm 1:30-4:30 pm 7/1-7/5 7/1-7/5 8/19-8/23 $151 $151 $188 Springtime Trampoline and Tumble Camp (5-14 YRS) Springtime Tumbling Staff 5715 Southfront Rd. #D Pee Wee Sports Camp (SYSC) (4-5 YRS) LARPD Staff Robt. Park/RLCC Gym Learn trampoline and tumbling skills using five different trampolines and a super bouncy tumbling strip. Campers of all fitness levels experience success in these camps. Daily instruction on trampoline, tumbling, and double-mini trampoline, and open practice time. Instructors USA gymnastics safety/trampoline coaching certified. Waiver form at Sport-type clothing, socks required. No buttons, zippers, snaps or jeans. Bring a snack. 5 days An introduction to T-Ball, Soccer, Hockey, and Basketball. Learn the basic skills of Weeks: 6/17-6/21, 6/24-6/28, 7/15-7/19, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2, 8/5-8/9, 8/12-8/16. each sport through games and practice drills, meet new friends and have fun. Each 5-day sport session meets 25 minutes per sport. All equipment is provided. Parents M-F 10 am-12:30 pm $189 per week must sign their child in and out daily. Fee includes a camp T-shirt to be worn daily. Bring a water bottle, and wear appropriate athletic shoes. Hockey is played with foam sticks. 5 classes. Weeks: 6/17-6/21, 7/15-7/19, 8/12-8/16 M-F 9-11 am $89 per week Amador Judo Camps (3-12 YRS) Amador Judo 849 Rincon Ave LARPD Cheer Camp MARTIAL ARTS CAMPS Kung Fu Panda 2 Camp (8-14 YRS) LARPD Staff RLCC Be a cheerleader! LARPD Cheerleading Academy teaches campers proper techniques for motions, jumps and stunts, chants and dances. Bring water bottle and appropriate non-scuff athletic shoes. M-F 9 am-noon 7/15-7/19 $109 (3-6 YRS) All Pandas learn basic self-defense techniques, coordination, wrestling and tumbling, play a variety of games and make crafts based on the Kung Fu Panda theme. Free uniform, snack included. Show time on the last day where all Pandas perform for family and friends. M-F 10 am-Noon 7/8-7/12 $87 BASEBALL CAMPS (4-7 YRS) Campers taught tumbling, coordination, learning how to fall safely and basic kicks and strikes Play a variety of games and make crafts. T-shirt, snack provided. All "ADVENGERS" perform for family and friends on the last day of class. M-F 10 am-Noon 8/5-8/9 $72 LARPD Youth Baseball Camp (4-9 YRS) LARPD Staff Ernie Rodrigues, 1717 So. Livermore Ave. Trained staff teach the basic skills of baseball to the beginning player or help improve the skills a young baseball player already has through drills and games. Skills include throwing, catching, hitting, base running and the basics of playing defense. Bring a glove, athletic shoes, sunscreen, water and a snack. 5 classes. (4-6 YRS) (7-9 YRS) Weeks: 6/24-6/28, 7/15-7/19, 8/5-8/9 Weeks: 6/24-6/28, 7/15-7/19, 8/5-8/9 M-F 8:30-9:30 am $65 per week M-F 10 am-Noon $120 per week BASKETBALL CAMPS On the Ball Sports Basketball Camp (6-12 YRS) On the Ball Sports Staff RLCC Gym Ohlone College Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Peterson and/or members of his staff cover offensive and defensive concepts and 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 games. Participants receive a t-shirt at the end of camp. Non-scuff athletic shoes only. NO GUM. 5 classes. (6-8 YRS, 9-12 YRS) M-F 1-4 pm 6/24-6/28 $125 M-F 1-4 pm 7/22-7/26 $125 FOOTBALL CAMPS Football Training Camp (8-14 YRS) LARPD Staff Robert Livermore Park Covers the basic terminology, rules of the game, offensive and defensive skills, conditioning, concepts including the running game, passing game, theories and design of defense. Beginning to advanced experience levels. Groups formed by age and position. No contact. No pads. Bring water bottle and rubber cleats. T-shirts included. Camp director Jim Carlson is a varsity coach at Las Lomas High School, North Coast Section. CIF Champions 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007. 5 classes. M-F 9 am–noon 7/22-7/26 $80 Cubs Soccer (2-3 YRS) Uses songs and games to engage 2-3 year olds - maximizing participation! Helps develop balance, coordination and listening to instructions in a small group environment. Parental participation encouraged. Cleats not required, suitable footwear requested. Shin guards required. Bring water and snacks. 5 classes. M-F 9-10 am 6/24-6/28 $96 Advengers Super Heroes and Villians Camp (4-8 YRS) Superheroes and Villains camp! Campers taught tumbling, coordination and basic kicks and strikes, play a variety of games and make crafts. T-shirt and daily snack provided. Final day of camp Super Heroes and Villains perform a skit for family and friends. M-F 10 am-Noon 6/24-6/28 $77 Mixed Martial Arts Camp (6-10 YRS) Instructors introduce campers to various popular Martial Arts. Learn Karate which includes basic kicks/strikes, blocks/blows, focus on techniques from the Olympic Martial Art of Judo. Learn techniques from Aikido. Crafts, games, and daily snack. Meet new friends! M-F 9:30-11:30 am 8/12-8/16 $82 Empowerment/Bully Camp (6-12 YRS) Bullying, a growing concern for children, is aggressive intentional behavior that involves an imbalance of power usually repeated over time. Learn how to protect yourself in a safe, non-intimidating environment using practical and simple techniques. Gain confidence while making friends. T-shirt, crafts and snack provided. Taught by nationally ranked Black Belts. M-F 10 am-Noon 7/15-7/19 $77 Fight Like a Girl (6-12 YRS) Girls, learn basic self-defense skills. Learn home and internet safety, how to escape from a grab, kicks, strikes and blocks, and basic ground skills, in a non-intimidating, easy-to-learn environment especially designed for girls. Taught by nationally ranked Black Belts. M-F 1-4 pm 8/5-8/9 $82 Survivor (7-12 YRS) Based on the popular TV Show "Survivor," Martial Arts Tribe Members form teams and compete daily in a variety of challenges. Learn basic self-defense techniques: tumbling, wrestling, kicks and strikes. Gain confidence, make new friends and have fun. T-shirt, crafts and snacks provided. Parents may join in the final day for the tribal award ceremony. M-F 1-4 pm 7/29-8/2 $87 (4-5 YRS) Learn and practice the fundamental skills of the game through a series of fun soccer challenges, skill-building activities and small sided games. Cleats not required, suitable footwear requested. Shin guards required. Bring water and snacks. 5 classes. M-F 10-11:30 am 6/24-6/28 $116 Half Day Soccer (6-12 YRS) Features Challenger's new 1,000 touch curriculum: Individual foot skills, fakes, moves and turns, freestyle soccer, dribbling, passing/receiving, shooting, heading, tackling/defending and the camp World Cup! Cleats not required, suitable footwear requested. Shin guards required. Bring water and snacks. 5 classes. M-F 9 am-Noon 6/24-6/28 $159 Full Day Soccer (8-12 YRS) Advanced camp for competitive players, Full-Day camps focus on game-related techniques, tactical development and coached match play. Bring a lunch, water and snacks. Cleats not required, suitable footwear requested. Shin guards required. 5 classes. M-F 9 am-4 pm 6/24-6/28 $235 Troy Dayak Soccer Camp (5-19 YRS) Troy Dayak Staff Robertson Park Synthetic Field Provides children of all skill levels with the opportunity to learn from highly qualified staff and licensed instructors. Beginner to advanced player can develop skills to get to the next level. Camps structured to help each player progress appropriately. Directed by Troy Dayak, former Olympian, two-time MLS Champion, US National Team, "a" Licensed, NSCAA Master Coach. Approx. 15:1 player-instructor ratio. T-shirt included. Group Breakdowns: 5-8 yrs • 9-12 yrs • 13-19 yrs M-F 10 am-1 pm 7/8-7/12 $102 TENNIS CAMPS Tennis Camps (8-17 YRS) Pat Tibbetts, PTR certified Dorothy Svets Tennis Complex Designed for beginner through intermediate students, lessons taught in a positive atmosphere covering: grips, strokes movement drills and more! Bring water to class. Students provide own tennis racquets. Tennis balls are provided. Wear non-marking tennis shoes. Private Lessons... Contact: Pat at 4 classes. M-Th Beg. 9-10:30 am 6/24-6/27 $39 M-Th AB 10:30 am-Noon 6/24-6/27 $39 M-Th Beg. 9-10:30 am 7/29-8/1 $39 M-Th AB 10:30 am-Noon 7/29-8/1 $39 Junior Team Clinic (11-18 YRS) Calvin Thompson, USPTA Pro 1 Dorothy Svets Tennis Complex Improve match skills and overall tennis game. Focus on modern techniques and strategy; designed for tournament and high school players. Students should be able to play out points to participate in this clinic. Interclub exchanges may be arranged by instructor. Weeks: 6/24-6/27, 7/8-7/11, 7/15-7/18, 7/22-7/25, 7/29-8/1, 8/5-8/8, 8/12-8/15 M-Th 1:30-3 pm $59 per week 12& UpTennis Camp (12-18 YRS) Calvin Thompson, USPTA Pro 1 Dorothy Svets Tennis Complex Learn game and improve skills quickly. Ideal for players that want to make a high school team or looking for a new sport. Players showing improvement may move up to Junior Team class. Weeks: 6/24-6/27, 7/8-7/11, 7/15-7/18, 7/22-7/25, 7/29-8/1, 8/5-8/8, 8/12-8/15. M-Th 3-4:30 pm $59 per week VOLLEYBALL CAMPS Youth Volleyball Camp Club VIP Staff RLCC Gym (8-14 YRS) Total immersion in the sport, high level of instruction and practice time in each skill. Fundamental skills and proper mechanics taught for attacking, passing, digging, setting, serving and blocking. For players of all levels; players grouped and coached by age and experience. Bring water, towel and enthusiasm. Non-scuff athletic shoes only. Class size limited, early registration advised. 4-day camp sessions. Participants receive a Club V.I.P. t-shirt. (8-11 YRS) (12-14 YRS) Weeks: 7/8-7/11, 7/22-7/25 Weeks: 6/24-6/27, 7/15-7/18 M-Th 5-8 pm $126 per week M-Th 5:30-8:30 pm $126 per week M-Th 8-11 am $126 (8/5-8/8) M-Th Noon-3 pm $126 (8/5-8/8) Beach Volleyball Camp (14-18 YRS) V.I.P. Instructional Staff RLCC Sand V.B. Courts Learn fundamentals, improve skills, or make the transition to beach volleyball. Primarily suited for Intermediate/Advanced players, instructor-player Ted Babu-Beach Impact Certified, provides a 4-day course covering beach conditioning, techniques, and strategies to play sand doubles or improve indoor game play. Designed for incoming 9th-12th graders. Bring towel, water bottle, wear comfortable attire. M-Th 9:30-11:30 am 8/5-8/8 $103 High School Volleyball Camp V.I.P. Instructional Staff RLCC Gym (14-18 YRS) Covers a skill each day, last day is a round-robin tournament. (DAY 1) Ball Control/Libero: Back row skills and fundamentals of passing, serving, and floor defense. High repetition camp develops skill improvement with game play decision-making. (DAY 2) Serving & Setting: Strong emphasis on the hands, contact, and movement skills for consistent and accurate ball delivery. Designed for server and setter positions, players spend time working with hitters and passers to learn skills and decision-making in controlled competitive scenarios. (DAY 3) Hitters: Specialized individual instruction to hitters by position (outside, right side, middle). Individual skill work includes: attacking, blocking, transition. Advanced skills and decision-making practiced in competitive situations. (DAY 4) Tournament Day: Warm-Up using all the skills learned, followed by round-robin play. Bring towel, water, comfortable attire, non-scuff athletic shoes. M-Th 4-7pm 8/5-8/8 $119 Summer Swim Adventure Camp SCIENCE CAMPS SCIENCE BEGINNINGS Science Beginnings RLCC Budding Biologists Camp (3.5–6 YRS) Showcases a wide spectrum of animals. Designed for children who are fascinated with animal biology. Study the life cycle and habitat of mealworms, crickets, lady bugs, hermit crabs, and blue crabs. Take home meal worms, crickets, and lady bugs. Detailed experiments worksheet provided. 5 classes. M-F 1–2 pm 8/5-8/9 $88 Budding Biologists Camp 2 (6-13 YRS) Showcases Science Beginnings' most popular experiments. Explore important scientific concepts through stimulating experiments. Take home projects and detailed worksheets. Learn Boyle's Law of air pressure with a potato Gun Launcher, make Elephant toothpaste, learn about catalysts, dive into buoyancy and density, find out the 'magic' in levitation. Explore the fizz in dry ice and Newton and his laws! $10 supply fee is required. 5 classes. M-F 9:30 am-12:30 pm 8/5-8/9 $188 Summer Extravaganza Camp (6-13 YRS) Showcases a wide spectrum of animals. Designed for children fascinated with animal biology. Study the life cycle and habitat of mealworms, crickets, earthworms, lady bugs, hermit crabs, examine owl pellets; explore marine biology with blue crabs, squid, fish, octopus, mussels and more. Take home meal worms, crickets, earthworms, and lady bugs. Detailed experiments worksheet provided. 5 classes. M-F 9:30 am-12:30 pm 6/17-6/21 $188 Mad Science ® Summer Camps (4-11 YRS) Mad Science Staff RLCC Future Geniuses Camp (4-6 YRS) Inspire young minds with the hands-on science program! Tailored for preschool and kindergarteners, this camp uses the scientific method to uncover the mysteries of motion and energy. Experiment with everything from color to structures, from music to space! Each day includes a related take home project to enjoy beyond class time. 5 classes. M-F 9 am-noon 6/17-6/21 $180 World Scientists Camp (6-11 YRS) Spend time in the lab learning the tools and techniques that scientists use while conducting hands-on projects. Conduct solar experiments, explore predator and prey relationships and investigate food webs. Take a trip into the ocean to learn what an odontocete is. Discover systems in nature, even make your own paper! Learn animal adaptations and create an insect habitat. Scientists discover what Mr. Owl had on his dinner plate during the famous owl pellet dissection. 4 classes. No class 7/4. M-F 1-4 pm 7/1-7/5 $144 $210 Secret Agent Camp (6-11 YRS) Examine the science behind the spy tools made famous by the world's greatest spies! Reconstruct activities using scientific methods, use the science of cryptology to send and decode secret messages. See what can't be seen by the naked eye, follow in Sherlock's steps to learn what tracks can tell us! 5 classes. M-F 1-4 pm 8/5-8/9 $180 Inventor's Academy Camp (7-11 YRS) Campers given a series of challenges they must overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors and the most important thing of all-their minds. Involves a team-based approach to solving problems. Students must consider how to build shelter, find food and water, protect themselves from the elements. 5 classes. M-F 1-4 pm 7/15-7/19 $195 Mad Machines & Robots Camp (8-11 YRS) Like to build things or destroy them or both! Design and build structures using simple tools and their imaginations. Even construct a geodesic dome big enough for all the campers to sit inside! Then the machine madness starts . . .Discover how many different machines, simple & complex, we use in our daily lives. Design simple machines using pulleys, wedges, screws and levers, learn how catapults work...then we move on to Mad Science robots! Each camper builds robots to keep to learn robotics science. M-F 1-4 pm 8/12-8/16 $210 TRADITIONAL SUMMER CAMPS Fun in the Sun Camp (5-7 YRS) LARPD Staff RLCC Join our energetic and well-trained camp leaders for theme-related activities including: arts & crafts, cooking projects, group games, swimming (Mon, Wed & Fri) and play in the gym (check in there each morning). Bring a snack, lunch, water bottle daily. M-F 8:30-1:00 pm $105 Per Week June 24-28 Holidaze July 29- Aug 2 Chill Out July 8-12 Castles & Dragons August 12-16 What’s Cooking? July 22-26 Artful Antics Fun in the Sun Camp 2 (8-12 YRS) LARPD Staff RLCC M-F 8:30-1:00 pm $105 Per Week June 24-28 Mummys & Pyramids July 8-12 Tasty Concoctions July 22-26 Super Sleuths July 29- Aug 2 Global Games August 12-16 Life’s a Beach Jr Adventure Camp for Middle Schoolers (MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE) LARPD Staff Elbow Room Monday, Tuesday and Thursday go swimming. Wednesday take an all-day field trip, Friday go on an afternoon field trip. Onsite activities include: challenge activities, group games, arts and crafts and time outside and in the gym. Camp Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 11:00-4:00 pm, Wed 9:00-5:00 pm June 17-21 Paint Ball and Boomers $140 July 15-19 Raging Waters and Rockin’ Jump $140 August 5-9 Water World and Del Valle $140 CAMP CONNECTION Camps NOTE:Eligible Identified by Color Shading Visit us online at or call 925.373.5700 to register.

Livermore Area Recreation & Park District Summer Camps 2013

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