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Callaway High Cavaliers upend Pike County to win region championship. Page 9 LaGrange Daily News SATURDAY November 8, 2008 WEATHER Pg. 2 68/ 36 50 cents West Point looks at new youth program A night for color Mostly sunny and mild. Today’s artist: Morgan Pressley, fourth grade, Long Cane Elementary School. By Jennifer Shrader Staff writer Local Heating assistance is available for residents of Troup and other counties. PAGE 2 Fans for LaGrange and Troup high schools show their colors at their football teams face off Friday night in a crosstown rivalry at Callaway Stadium. LaGrange won 17-14. For more on the game, see page 9. State Forget final vote tallies. In Georgia, the sprint to an expected runoff election next month for the U.S. Senate already has begun. PAGE 4 Nation ■ Since election day, much of the attention has been on the government transition, but there is family transition unfolding, too, as President-elect Barack Obama, his wife and daughters prepare for life at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. PAGE 5 ■ Even Barack Obama can’t change the calendar. The presidentelect said Friday he wanted to act urgently and deal ‘head on’ with the nation’s economic crisis. But he recognized that his power was limited by the fact that George Bush will be running things until Jan. 20. PAGE 5 Weekend trivia Sports According to the official rules of baseball, what one word does the umpire say to start a game? Answer on page 2. INDEX Calendar . . . . . 3 Classifieds . 11-12 Comics . . . . . . . 7 Community . . . . 3 Crossword . . . . 7 International . . . 5 Local . . . . . . . . 2 National . . . . . . 5 Opinion . . . . . . . 6 Sports . . . . 9-10 State . . . . . . . . 4 TV Listings . . . . . 5 For home delivery call (706) 882-5624 Printed on 100% Recycled Paper Vol 165 Issue 313 12 Pages Sarah Joy McFadden / Daily News A pregame downpour forced fans to don rain gear and break out their umbrellas. The rain was intermittent during the game, but temperatures remained mild. With a decision on tap to discontinue funding the Boys & Girls Club of West Georgia, a group of West Point’s civic leaders began charting a new program for the city’s youth. “Of all the things I’ve done since I became mayor, this is the one thing I’m most excited about,” said Mayor Drew Ferguson IV. Planning for the program still is in its infancy and although the leadFerguson ers want it to be faith-based, a funding source has not been identified. Ferguson said he’d be involved with the project even if he weren’t mayor. Residents long have said that more programs for the city’s youth are needed, and a group at the city’s First United Methodist Church began planning afterschool enrichment programs earlier this year. A “study buddies” tutoring program has been in place for several weeks and already is gaining popularity, officials said. The need for a youth program became even more apparent to West Point residents this summer, when the Boys & Girls Club shuttered its building for the summer and instead bused interested youths to LaGrange facilities. City leaders, who hold the lease on the O.G. Skinner Drive building, were able to negotiate starting up club programs again in time for the school year, but since then have been dissatisfied with the club’s operations. The 2009 West Point budget does not include funding to support the local club. Ferguson said Friday one option for the new youth program would SEE YOUTH, PAGE 2 Firefighters step up ‘haz mat’ training By Joel Martin Senior writer More than 50 personnel from the LaGrange, Troup County and West Point fire departments will have completed a hazardous-materials technician course by the time Kia Motors’ auto assembly plant in West Point starts production late next year. Such training, along with the purchase of a “haz mat” vehicle, was part of the incentive agreement for locating the Kia plant in Troup County. The county expects to take delivery of the vehicle no later than July, but it already has received most of the equipment and a decontamination trailer. “It enables our firefighters to properly respond to and work at a hazardous materials incident,” said county fire Capt. Dennis Knight, the department’s training officer. “With two railroads, interstates, major highways and a growing industrial base, a properly trained and equipped countywide haz mat team will be a great asset to the citizens and visitors in our area.” On Friday, 25 firefighters from Troup, LaGrange, West Point, Newnan and Fairburn completed the technician course, which lasted 48 hours over five days. They took final exams for national certification and demonstrated hands-on skills Joel Martin / Daily News Troup County firefighter Brad Brock and LaGrange firefighters Nicole Camille and Josh Williams de-contaminate themselves at a hazardous materials drill Friday at the county Fire Department’s training center on Hamilton Road. through a simulated accident in which a farmer driving home with drums of chemicals gets into a traffic accident, and the chemicals spill and mix together. The training was conducted by the Georgia Fire Academy at the county Fire Department Training Center on Hamilton Road and the LaGrange Fire Depart- ment’s administration building. Several training courses have been conducted here over the past few years. It all starts with an eight-hour “awareness” course, followed by a 32-hour firstresponder operations course. Some firefighters go on to the technician course. “Additional training, drills and exercises will be conducted for haz mat personnel to maintain their current skills and to keep up with new techniques and technology,” Knight said. Joel Martin can be reached at jmartin@ or at (706) 884-7311, Ext. 235. Jury says courthouse gunman is guilty ATLANTA (AP) – The shooting spree began when Brian Nichols overpowered a deputy, stole her weapon and burst into a courtroom where he shot a judge and court stenographer dead. Soon he had slain another deputy and a federal agent and stolen a car, plunging the city into deep fear and horrifying the country on a day locals would long remember as simply “the rampage.” He then took another woman hostage, holing up in her apartment and Nichols using her drugs before surrendering to authorities the next morning. But it wasn’t nearly over: Efforts bring the 36-year-old to justice would stretch for more than three years, draining millions of dollars and frustrating victims’ families. Finally, on Friday, jurors found Nichols guilty of murder and a slew of other charges in a packed courtroom around the corner from where the notorious shootings took place. The facts of the case were never in doubt – Nichols confessed to the killings – but he claimed he was gripped by a delusional com- SEE SHOOTINGS, PAGE 2

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