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BINARY FORMATIONS PETER SAMARIN THE Los Angeles FORUM FOR Nonprolil Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID l OS ANGELES. CA PERMIT NO. 1041 835 NORTH KINGS ROAD W EST HOLLYWOOD CA 90089 ARCHITECTURE ANDr NEWSLETTER May 1995 IN TH IS ISSUE: URBAN DESIGN PROJECTS: Jennifer Siegal end Todd Erlandson document the collage 01 pre -Ia bricated paris in II Mexican village all Highway 1. Grahame Shane critique s the Koolhalls show al MoMA IS an essay on the problem of dispersion, the media, architecture and the metropolis . Peter Samarin explores the operations of II computer program 85 a new 581 of conventions for the creation of archilecturallorm. L REM KOOLHAAS AND THE POST-MODERN CITY GltAHAME SHANE The Rem Koolhaas show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York pointed to one of the key problematics of the post·Modern city, which is half fused with media tural Association thesis of 1971, the unpublished work on the Russian Constructivists or the appreciation of Luna Park and Harrison and Abramowitz in Delirious New York (1978). In Koe:lhaas's pioneering work the image of the city became an important visual commodity, a promotional tool ironically derived from Surrealism. At MoMA Koolhaas began with an extraordinary reading of the section of New York City as an automatic image hyperspace and advertising simulacra. Like many of his machine, tracking its media/publicity dimensions in a generation, Koolhaas had intuitively understood the public relations dimension of the modernist urban project, long before the current scholarly interest in the rhetorical and staged aspects of Le Corbusier's archj. tecture and urbanism. This surrealist reading of the city image inspired much of the research for his Architec· not·so-random, but wandering approach to the exhibit. This sectional exploration and its dissonant simulacra are a key to Koolhaas's urban projects, which were presented on a landing outside the Architecture Gal· lery. These urban projects anempt to poetically manipulate the repertoire of " Exquisite Corpses " that "Beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing·machine and an umbrella on the dissectinrrtable Lautreamont N continued on page 3

Newsletter, May 1995

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