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STEREOT'b MIC PERMUT~ OS .. • ...-~ I \: " < see page 6 THE Los Angeles FORU M FOR 835 NORTH KINGS ROAD WE ST HO LLVW OOD CA 90069 ARCHITECTURE AND NEWSLETTER October 1994 IN THIS ISSUE: CONTESTED TERRITOR IES URBAN DESIGN WHAT IS THE PROPER TERRITORY FOR THE PRACTICE OF ARCHITECTURH We '""'Ylew MaIO •• tll on d'Sl,nCl'0ns be tween arl and archlleelure, Enc Kah n wmes 10 Roben Slern on lhe deslluCI,on of arChItecture from wlthm, and Seo\! Cohen algues for uncoverong a dIfferent rel~tlonshlp between OI lch.lecture and Its sublecll h'ough lormalresea rch . Pat Morton provIdes add, I,onal ,"Slghl on to our many Urban RevisIons ART AND ARCHITECTURE : A DISCUSSION This conversation took place agai nst the background of a recent redefin ing of the funding process for public art projects in the local municipality of Culver City. A great deal of press time and publ ic energy has gone into arguing exactly what the parameters of both the selection process and the allocation of funds should be. Specifically, the question was asked, are there conditions under which the funds set aside for a public art project should be returned to the developer and invested in the architecture? More simply, can the arch itecture itself be considered art? Three members of the Forum-Margaret Crawford, Chair of the Department of History/Theory at SCI-Arc and Christopher Tandon and myself, both more recently graduated from architecture school and entered into design professions---came together to discuss what we found to be a striking subtext to the entire debate. That is, a rampant confusion and disagreement about w hat it is that architects practice and how you might begin to define architecture itself. ed. CT: I think the reason that so many in this debate are quick to say that architectu re is not art arises from the fact that in the 20th century architects themselves, in defining the profession, have downplayed their role as artists. Do you think that's true? MC: It didn 't happen in this century . It happened with the professionalization of architecture and the codification of architectural qualifications. continued on page 4

Newsletter, October 1994

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