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THE Los Angeles FORUM FOR 835 NORTH KINGS ROAD WEST HOLLYWOOD CA 90069 ARCHITECTURE AND NEWSLETTER February 1994 IN THIS ISSUE : LOS ANGELES URBANISM URBAN DESIGN Public space and ll,banlsm are dIscussed In artIc les by Fred Dewey, Chava DanIe lson and on an ,n troduct lon 10 the Forum lect ur e senes by John Dutton. These are also the tOp IC S for upcomIng sympoSIa sponsored by MOC A, t he Forum and the Gaur Center. FROM BREAD TO CIRCUSES AND BEYOND: ON GOOD AND BAD PUBLIC SPACE IN LA FRED DEWEY Public space is thought to mean any open space that attracts people. Yet most would agree Los Angeles, even with its crowds and parks, is not a very favorable environment. Indeed, and frankly as a shock, it is becoming almost hostile to the good life. Some blame the automobile, others planning. still others the destruction of independent politics, the police, the rise of enclaves or crime. Some, like Mike Davis and Ed Soja, have greatly advanced debate by discussing the militarization of space here. But this does not go far enough, however much it may lay the groundwork: for a serious rethinking of Los Angeles. Can we be 'urban, ' at aU? The deeper problem is, we no longer understand, or can continued on pege 6 1

Newsletter, February 1994

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