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GEHRY: IN HIS OWN THEMEINTERVIEW WITH FRANK O. GEHRYBY SYLVIA LAVIN PATRONIZING DISNEY NINA B. LESSER AND JONATHAN MASSEY SL: Do you agree with most of the arch itectural press's assertion that only your Entertainment Center escaped Disney-itis because it is the only un-themed building at EuroOisneyland? The Disney Corporation has become a prestigious seems to have escaped, but in aher-the-opening views it looks caught. I didn't want to go to the opening because I was worried I might not like it and even when I accepted the job I knew it was going to be precarious. But I didn't want to be holier-than-thou about what I coined "entertainment architecture." which is not client among architects. The attention being paid by the architectural press to Disney's recent commission of several prominent architects has made much of the participation of high-profile architecture in this major cultural enterprise. Through this exchange, both parties gain validation: Disney as a high-culture patron and architecture as a popular endeavor. The buildings commiSSioned by Disney have been those associated with the corporate side-hotels. offices, convention centers-of the company famous for theme parks and cinematic fantasy. continued on pllge 2 continued on page 3 FOG: THE In before-the-opening views, the building Los Angeles FORUM FOR 835 NORTH KINGS ROAD WEST HO LL VWOOD CA 90069 ARCHITECTURE AND NE W SLETTER Febru ary 1993 IN TH IS ISSUE : The M ediated Environment U R BAN DES I G N Essavs on EuroD,snev and other u,ban landsClllleS tlv F,an~ Owen Ge~'V. And'ea Kann. Nma B Lesse'. Jonathan Massev. D~oa L Webber_ N.choln Low,e. II pho to essav bV 1("5\.ne Larsen. and more Nomad>e ThoughtS ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN (OR r SOME UNTHEMED THOUGHTS ANDREA KAHN ON EURODISNEY) SEPTEM BER 20. 1992; A FRIEND S APARTMENT, PARIS: 路路Agriculture. c'est pas Disne yland" s tates a farmer in the studio of France Tele 2, during a broadcast o f the ECC referendum returns. (Agriculture, c'est pas PHOTO ESSAY BY KRISTINE LARSEN continued on page 4 Disne yland-well, maybe, or m aybe not. Both are big business, both engage in foreign trade. Bo th seem to incur major losses, both beg the question o f concrols. Of course, agri-business alw ays depends on the continued on page 5

Newsletter, February 1993

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