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Maybe the answer really is blowing in the wind. Live or work in Lacey? Take a look around. Every street light, traffic signal, water tower and park facility, not to mention every municipal building (including city hall, the library, community center, museum and public works operations center) are running on clean and renewable green energy— most of it wind power produced right here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re proud the City of Lacey was recently designated as an official Green Power Community by the United States Environmental Protection Agency—making us one of only a handful of such cities in the nation. You can join us in supporting development of local renewable energy solutions. If every home and business in Lacey purchased just $4 worth of green power each month, it would be equivalent to preventing 36,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year. That’s like our residents not driving 79 million miles. Visit or call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482. It’s easy. It’s economical. And the wind won’t mind a bit. Shaping our community together Community resource guide 2012 • 2 013 think c h a m b e r f i r s t THE LACEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Business is Booming! Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program supports development and use of electricity from clean, renewable sources including wind, sun and biomass.

2012 Community Resource Guide

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