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CR IP TI ON BS SU TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013 Ringleader in Delhi gang-rape found dead Bahrain crown prince widens role amid crisis NO: 15745 150 FILS 9 40 PAGES RABI ALTHANI 30, 1434 AH 10 Pakistan middle class fixes sights on China 16 Heat roll past Pacers for 18th straight win 17 Amir highlights Kuwait’s foreign policy successes Sheikh Sabah urges envoys to promote state’s bright image Max 26º Min 15º High Tide 12:40 Low Tide 06:40 & 18:50 conspiracy theories Parking nightmare By Badrya Darwish P arking lots or the lack of them is a problem in Kuwait. As usual I always address the honorable gentlemen in parliament with a problem. It struck me that we do not have proper parking in Kuwait. Is this of an interest to the ladies and gentlemen in parliament? Isn’t it a serious enough issue to talk about? Why are buildings built without proper plans for parking lots? How are building permits given to commercial or residential constructors without a clause that there should be enough parking provided for the residents in the building? Or is the rule: Build the building and do not care about the rest of issues that come with it. How many buildings have you seen in Kuwait which have proper parking areas? In some buildings in residential areas, the owner is so greedy that even if there is a basement, it will be rented out illegally as storehouses regardless of safety measures. In this way they are depriving residents from having proper parking. Isn’t it high time the municipality starts refreshing the rules regarding new buildings forcing every building to have a proper parking like any other country?. To get my drift just visit Hawally. It is the worst area in Kuwait for parking. I feel so sad for the residents of Hawally. Many cry and suffer that they do not have car parking. The traffic department is very active there to give tickets. If they make a study, most of the fines and income to the department is from that area. My friends are telling me that this is spreading to other areas like Farwaniya and Khaitan. This is due to ill-planning from the very beginning. Where is the expertise? Where are the planners in Kuwait? When you plan an area there are hundred other things you plan with it beforehand. Planning in Kuwait is a very serious topic. It is as serious as any other issue in the country. We all live here and we are all affected. Even in commercial areas, those constructing big buildings are not asked to construct parking lots. The only good place which was planned with parking in Kuwait is The Avenues. I am sure the company behind it did it out of their own planning savvy and were not advised or required to do so by the municipality or a planning board or whoever is in charge. Parking in Kuwait has become a nightmare equal to driving in Kuwait. Govt may suspend commercial visas KUWAIT: The government is studying the possibility of suspending commercial visitor visas soon as the state looks for ways to restore demographic balance and fight human trafficking, a local daily reported yesterday quoting a senior security official. “Suspending commercial visas is being considered as a result of the growing number of expatriate labor forces,” said the Ministry of Interior insider who spoke to Al-Qabas on the condition of anonymity. He indicated that the decision is also sought as a measure to “stop the use of commercial visas by human traffickers who sell work permits obtained under a legal umbrella”. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has launched crackdown on human trafficking operations in the past several weeks which has so far resulted in the arrest of ministry officials accused of involvement in illegal operations by using their access to the labor system database in order to create job openings for certain companies in exchange of money. This operation allows for issuing work permits that are then sold to workers wishing to come to Kuwait. Investigations had revealed that most companies found to be involved in this act are fake or have suspended licenses. Each private company operating in Kuwait has a file in the ministry’s database which estimates the number of workers required; including the number of Kuwaitis that each company is required to hire by law. KUWAIT: HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is applauded as he arrives with HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah at the opening session of the Seventh Conference of Heads of Kuwait Diplomatic Missions yesterday. — KUNA KUWAIT: In a comprehensive speech at the opening session of the Seventh Conference of Heads of Kuwait Diplomatic Missions that kicked off yesterday, HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah outlined the main features of Kuwait’s foreign policy. “You are invited to convey to the world the brilliant image of Kuwait - the tolerant and great country -and the ambitions of its people...(the bright image of a country which) works in partnership with the international community to promote peace among nations and enters into partnerships with brotherly and friendly countries for building and development of societies,” the Amir said, addressing ambassadors and heads of Kuwait’s diplomatic missions abroad. Sheikh Sabah stressed the need for a vigorous diplomatic and media drive to show the real and bright image of Kuwait that enjoys strong unity among its people and a constitution and justice-based democratic life. The Amir added that one of the main objectives of Kuwait’s diplomacy is to cooperate with all countries to maintain world security and stability as well as reach sustainable development of societies. “Kuwait is effectively contributing to the international efforts aiming to resolve disputes that threaten world peace and counter terrorism. Kuwait also takes part in efforts meant to fight pover- ty, diseases and meet the shortage of food, water and energy as well as achieve sustainable development and investment in people,” he said. In this regard, Sheikh Sabah citied Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development’s (KFAED) loans and grants as well as the Kuwait’s donations to other international funds as clear examples of Kuwait’s effective role in financing development projects in the four corners of the globe. He also cited the recent Kuwait-hosted Asian Cooperation Dialogue Summit as an example of Kuwait’s eagerness to buttress cooperation with Asian and world nations. HH Sheikh Sabah pointed out that Kuwait pays due attention to the empowerment of women and protection of their rights. “Kuwait directs growing attention to foster women rights and their role in the society,” the Amir said. He highlighted the importance of unity among the Gulf Cooperation Council member states. “The rapid developments in our region and the challenges we face today leaves no room for doubt about the indispensability of joint Gulf action and that needs more work to bolster and expand to cover all domains. You have to show, through diplomatic work, the solidity and unity of the Gulf stances as well as Kuwait’s effective role in tackling Continued on Page 2 Kuwait coastguards kill Iranian smuggler Fire exchanged on Kuwait-Iraq border Assembly panel calls for reducing expats in govt Zaid freed, Barrak’s trial postponed By B Izzak the number of government employees is 386,000 of whom 109,000 are expatriKUWAIT: In the second move targeting ates who form 28 percent of the total. If expatriates in two days, the to be implemented immediNational Assembly’s legal and ately, at least 30,000 expatrilegislative committee yesterates working in the governday approved a proposal callment must be dismissed and ing to reduce the percentage replaced by Kuwaitis. On of non-Kuwaitis in governSunday, a parliamentary bloc ment jobs to just 20 percent, called the Independents prodown from 28 percent at presposed that the government ent. The proposal, which aims scrap all subsidies to comat creating more jobs for modities and public services Kuwaitis, also calls on the Civil and then make expatriates Zayed Al-Zaid Service Commission to find pay full costs in a move if jobs for Kuwaitis within six months of implemented would increase the elecapplying or alternatively pay them the tricity bill twentyfold. Official statistics salaries expected from the sought job. show the number of expatriates at 2.6 Based on the latest official statistics, Continued on Page 2 By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies KUWAIT: Kuwaiti coastguards shot dead yesterday a suspected drugs smuggler as they chased a boat in the state’s territorial waters, the interior ministry said. The ministry did not reveal the identity of the dead man but a security official said that he was Iranian. The ministry said that at dawn yesterday, a Kuwaiti coastguards patrol spotted a boat inside the state’s territorial waters and ordered it to stop by “firing warning shots”. After a brief chase, the boat stopped and the coastguards found that one of the two men onboard had died of gunshots, the ministry said. The coastguards arrested a second Iranian man present on the boat who was unharmed. The ministry also said that an unspecified amount of what is believed to be hashish was found on the boat. Kuwaiti coastguards regularly intercept Iraqi and Iranian boats allegedly carrying smugglers or fishermen for infiltrating Kuwait’s territorial waters. Continued on Page 2 KUWAIT: An Iranian drug smuggler is seen with a stash of hashish after he was arrested by Kuwaiti coastguards yesterday. — KUNA Iran, Pak defy US with gas pipeline CHABAHAR, Iran: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (left) and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari pray during the inauguration ceremony of a gas pipeline linking the two neighbours in this Iranian border city yesterday. — AFP CHABAHAR, Iran: Iranian and Pakistani leaders inaugurated the construction of a much-delayed section of a $7.5 billion gas pipeline linking the two neighbours yesterday, defying the threat of US sanctions. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched the project with his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari at a ceremony on the border, hailing a blow to USled sanctions targeting his country’s oil and gas sector. The two leaders unveiled a plaque before shaking hands and offering prayers for the successful conclusion of the project, which involves the laying of a 780-km section of the pipeline on the Pakistani side, expected to cost some $1.5 billion. “The completion of the pipeline is in the interests of peace, security and progress of the two countries... It will also consolidate the economic, political and security ties of the two nations,” they said in a joint statement. Ahmadinejad hailed the fact that work on the new section of pipeline was going ahead despite US sanctions against Iran’s oil and gas sector imposed over its controversial nuclear program. “This gas pipeline is a show of resistance against domination,” Continued on Page 14

12 Mar 2013

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