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Sustainability Spotlight August 2013 University Construction Takes a Sustainable Approach By Alli Gerth, Planning/Landscape Architecture Assistant, Office of Design and Construction Management The University of Kansas is continuously working to improve its stewardship through the inclusion of sustainable elements when designing and constructing new campus projects. If you have been around campus this summer, you have probably seen a few of these projects underway. Jayhawk Boulevard Reconstruction Phase 1: Chi-Omega Fountain to Poplar Lane Phase 1 reconstruction of the boulevard is nearly complete and will be ready to open by August 12. This project included repair to the underground infrastructure and repaving of the street using concrete instead of asphalt. The concrete will be able to support the frequent heavy bus traffic, require much fewer repairs, and last longer that asphalt paving. New campus standard LED lighting has now replaced the old lights along the boulevard, reducing energy consumption by 50% for the stretch of phase 1. When cooler weather this arrives fall, the boulevard will be replanted with trees lining each side to restore the historic canopy. To help increase the longevity and growth of the trees, features Graphic by Jeffery L. Bruce & Co. Landscape Architects Image Illustrates planned tree canopy replanting. Tree species vary to prevent a monoculture and discourage major tree loss from potential disease. KU Center for Sustainability Page 1 1

Sustainability Spotlight - August 2013

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