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Membership Form T In addition to my Membership, I wish to provide a Gift Membership in the ______________________ category to: Title (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./Dr./Mr. & Mrs., etc) _____________ First name(s) __________________________________________ Last name(s) __________________________________________ Street Address or P.O. Box ___________________________ ________________________________________________________ City ________________ State _________ Zip ______ Daytime Phone ( ) __________________________ Evening Phone ( ) ________________________________ Email Address ________________________________________ We will send a letter to the recipient(s), notifyng them of your thoughtful gift. If you would like for us to include a special message, please write the wording here: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ (If you wish to provide Gift Memberships to additional friends and family, please provide information on copies of this form or a separate page) PAYMENT Your Membership: $ ___________________ Gift Membership: $ ___________________ TOTAL: $ ___________________ Payment Method: Check Enclosed Visa Mastercard Discover Cardholder Name ________________________________________ Card Number ____________________________________________ Expiraton Date __________________________________________ ... Support the Performing Arts Center and Your Community • The Performing Arts Center is a centerpiece of community life - a true gathering place for people of all ages. he Performing Arts Center at Kent State Tuscarawas is the premier arts and cultural presenter in Tuscarawas County. Since opening in 2010, we have hosted more than 75 performances ranging from traveling Broadway Shows to concerts, dance and comedy. In addition, the center is home to the Tuscarawas Philharmonic, and is used by area organizations for fundraisers, conferences, banquets, trade shows and private meetings. Membership at the Performing Arts Center The contemporary elegance of the center, as well as unique flexible spaces make the Performing Arts Center the ideal location for any area event. Our extraordinary, 50,000-square-foot center features a versatile, two-level lobby with seating for more than 350 guests, a multipurpose rehearsal room, dressing rooms, classrooms and our spectacular 1,100-seat theatre. • World-class artists regularly perform at the Performing Arts Center, one of the most beautiful venues in the region. • More than 5,000 preschool through high school students experience superb performances and learning activities in our Class Acts Series every year. • Free pre-concert activities are available before every family concert, enriching the concert-going experience and increasing to the arts. ♦

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