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Prevention Hightlights Office of the State Fire Marshal — Prevention Division Spring 2013 Test & Inspect Your Emergency Generator by Paul Harris, Standby Power Solutions, Inc. and coolant levels. It would in Kansas City, your emergency generaalso be a tor is a lifeline good idea to look for evidence of rodent infestation, theft, vandalism, Photo credit: leaks, and weather convenience in the In the event of an damage and take apevent of a power outemergency such as the propriate corrective age. Rather, they are recent explosion in JJ’s essential life safety action. restaurant in Kansas systems upon which all The monthly tests are a City on February 19th, other life safety sysbit more involved. All utilities to the area are tems depend. transfer switches need necessarily interrupted to be operated and the At a minimum, the either by the catastrogenerator needs to be owner of an emergency phe itself or utility run under at least 30% generator is required crews who need to shut of its rated load for 30 by Kansas Fire Prevenoff the flow of gas and minutes. This is to tion Code to inspect the electricity in order to make sure the system is system weekly and test make the area safer for going to work when it under load monthly. first responders to do needed. If you can’t get All generator owners their work. it to 30% of the rated should acquire a copy When this happens, load, then diesel generof NFPA 110, 2005 emergency generators ators need to be exeredition and look at are designed to be the cised annually with a chapter 8, Routine primary source of powsupplemental load for 2 Maintenance and Oper for smoke control hours as outlined in erational Testing. systems, fire suppresNFPA 110, chapter sion systems, emergen- The weekly inspection is pretty simple. An cy communication sysEmergency generators owner just needs to tems, egress lighting, have long been viewed check the batteries and exit lighting, emergenas conveniences for look the system over cy egress elevators and times when the power for any obvious probplatforms, and other goes out, and rightly so. lems. I would check to life safety devices. It’s great to be warm make sure the engine These devices are not and safe when the powheater is working as intended as items of er lines are down and well as check oil, fuel, Prevention Highlights For times like the JJ’s Bistro Explosion the snow is blowing. But our generators are far more than that. They are life safety devices upon which nearly all other safety equipment depends. A permanent record must be kept of both the weekly inspections and monthly tests. Your fire marshal can provide you with a sample inspection/ testing log. Your fire marshal may ask to see your records at your next inspection. Inside This Issue:  Test & Inspect Your Emergency Generator  Ceiling Tile Ratings  What is required when replacing ceiling tiles  Licensing Requirements  Test Your Fire Inspection Skills!  How Facility Expansions Affect Fire Alarm Systems  Propane Facility Stats  Tips for Safe Grilling We’re on the Web!

Prevention Highlights - Spring 2013

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