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PCC is In this Newsletter Official Publication of the Philippine Carabao Center of the Department of Agriculture ISSN 1655-2496 • VOL. 10 NO. 4 • October-December 2011 sue: ic m o n o tr A gas for the treat lover beef Carabeef is no 2nd-class meat 10 ‘Pigar Pigar’ 12 ‘Randang’, 14 It’s for the high-class taste, too stands out as the night’s delight ‘balbakwa’, ‘pisawawan’ They are Maranaos’ food bliss The other exquisite delicacy of Davao: ‘Bulcachong’ 16 ‘Dahil sa Iyo’ is for partaking ‘pakdol’ 18 The rising star of epicurean menu CARABEEF

PCC News Letter vol10 no4

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