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Thursday 20th June, 2013 Volume 23, Issue 12 X-FACTOR RECOGNISES LOCAL TALENT Tom Batchelor was born in Greymouth and at the age of 6 months together with his family, he moved to the Ellesmere district. He attended primary school at Leeston Consolidated and then went on to Ellesmere College where he graduated at the end of Year 13 in 2008. It was during his time at Ellesmere College that his passion and gift for music kicked in. He was a very active person being involved in the Killinchy Tennis Club, and playing cricket for Southbridge, but it was during his time of playing rugby for the Southbridge Club that his love for music developed. At the age of 11 while playing rugby, he received two head injuries that kept him on the side-line, so to keep him active and occupied his mother bought him a guitar and from there, was to develop a love that has bought him to this point in his life. Once he graduated from Ellesmere College he moved to Invercargill to S.I.T to study music. He found that sitting in class was not to be his forte and he preferred the practical side of music more. It was then off to Dunedin where he strived to make a living, busking and playing in bands. These times although very exciting to a ‘student type’ person was very difficult with money being quite scarce. This is what Tom now refers to as the ‘Gypsy’ phase in his life. He returned home in December 2012 and it was loosing a dare that bought him to enter the X-Factor. His mother describes him as a very laid back person ”What you see is what you get. If there were any pranks going on, you could be sure that Tom would be in the midst of it all”. His older two siblings are thrilled to see Tom chasing his dream, and to be part of the events that are unfolding. To be involved in music full-time would be his ultimate dream. He claims that he has meet so many wonderful people on the journey that he is now on and has been overwhelmed by the support that he has been given, especially by his local home community, he is so appreciative of it all, to know that so many people are behind him. VOTE FOR TOM BATCHELOR ! What’s coming up Jun.23-Hillyers Leeston Mid Winter Christmas HILL LEE & SCOTT ELLESMERE EXCAVATION AND AGGREGATE Jun.24-Aquatic Centre Opening Jun.25-Leeston Day Club Jun.26-St Mary’s Springston Jun.30-Monthly Papercrafter’s Day Jun.30-Applications close for Albert Anderson Day Jul.1-BNZ - Change of hours Jul.5-Leeston CRT Birthday Bash Jul.6-Market Day Jul.6-Poppitas Pizzeria Opening 36 Sir William Pickering Dr What we do..... Contact Peter Quinn or Brian Palliser at our Christchurch Office on     3797-780 Serving the Ellesmere district for over 50 years       Contact info... Site works Trenching Driveways Shingle spreading 2 A filter sand (washed) 8/20 and 20/40 aggregate 20mm premix Crushed materials Boulders (sizes available) River run Pick up ex-river or we deliver For all your excavation and aggregate requirements, phone Sandy on 0274 389 576 Supplying Selwyn with Shingle and Sand

Ellesmere Echo 20th june

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