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INSTALLATION CEREMONY The installation ceremony shall be conducted by the Chancellor of the council, assisted by the counselors, and shall take place on the first meeting of the Circle in September, following the election of the officers. If for good and sufficient reasons the Chancellor cannot be present on that occasion, the installation shall take place as soon thereafter as possible. If there are sufficient counselors, a different one should be assigned to each officer. Otherwise, one Counselor may impart the instruction to two or more officers. The parts must be thoroughly committed in order that they may be given effectively. Reading of the parts shall not be tolerated and should be reported to the Supreme Secretary. The installation shall be as follows: The Chancellor of the council, accompanied by the two Captains, all properly robed shall under the head of "New Business" take charge of the meeting, the Chief Squire and all other offices retiring from their stations, and the Chancellor assuming the station of Chief Squire with a Captain seated on either side. The Chancellor shall then proceed as follows: Chancellor: "Captains, you will now arrange the newly elected officers in the order of their precedence and conduct them to the antechamber, and report to me when all is in readiness for their installation." The captains will then arrange the offices in line in the center of the Circle with the Chief Squire at the head facing the Chancellor. The Pole Captain will then place himself at the head of the column and the Arm Captain at the rear. The Pole Captain will then command, "Attention, Forward March!" The Pole Captain leading, the column will proceed to the antechamber, where the officers will be robed. When all is in readiness, the Arm Captain returns to the center of the Circle and salutes the Chancellor; Arm Captain: "Esteemed Chancellor, the officers are prepared and ready for installation." Chancellor: " Captain, conduct the officers to our presence." The Captain salutes, wheels about and retires to the door of the


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