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KLONDIKE Dust to Dawson The SUN $1.25 Wednesday June 29, 2011 • Vol. 23, No. 5 ONLINE EDITION "It ain't gold but it's close!" Story and photos by Dan Davidson The Dust to Dawson motorcycle gathering began last Thursday and continued into the weekend. Though it was officially a two day event, some made it three or more by arriving on Wednesday or by staying on afterwards. “This is a gathering, not a Rally”, says the information on the website which has lured close to 200 bikers to the Klondike last week. In spite of that disclaimer, there were biker games on Friday night, there was a Poker Run and a steak dinner at the Palace Grand Theatre. But the website also advised the participants to simply enjoy Dawson for a couple of days. The organizers recommended the following: - Visit the Dredge. (take the tour; it’s worth the $) - Take a walk in the 1800's graveyard. - Visit the Robert Service Cabin. - Take a walking tour of the town. - Spend an hour or two in the Museum. - Check out the paddle wheeler. - Throw rocks into the Yukon. - Go skinny dipping in the Yukon. - Meet “Fighter” the Founder of the D2D. (the original name was the Over The Top Hop but D2D fit on the T-shirt better) - Or just stand around on the boardwalk and BS with other ADV riders. After all this ain’t no (expletive deleted) rally, so have fun. They spent a lot of time just hanging out at the Downtown Hotel and along 2nd Avenue, checking out each other’s bikes and enjoying the long evening sun. Bikers arriving. in this Issue Minor Soccer Championships 5 The U11 portion of the Yukon Championships was held at Crocus Bluff on June 10 - 12 Pasloski Ceremony Uffish Thoughts: Cut-off Slinky Mine 3 4 6 Mysterious Lillian Ailing Aboriginal Day Celebrations DCMF Profiles 7 8-9 12 Commissioner's Ball 10 The Yukon celebrated its 113th birthday at this annual gala event held at the Palace Grand. Riding the G.B. Ferry Tara'a Birds Randolph Reading 13 19 20 Pasloski presses on 23 The newly minted premier faced his first question period shortly after being sworn in at the Museum. Relay for Life photos RSS Awards Commissioner's Tea 21 22 24

Klondike Sun, June 29, 2011

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