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Data sheet  413A CONSERVADO® SP Water-repellent for facades with a high protective power CCT 44 approved by VERITAS. Description CONSERVADO SP is a ready for use, colourless liquid in the solvent phase. General characteristics Improves the facade resistance to the ingress of surface waters. Invisible treatment that does not modify the substrate aspect. Improves the resistance to dirt, and reduces the bonding of fungi, lichens, … Ensures the permeability to air as the substrate can “breathe. Can be covered with various paints. Long-lasting water-repelling effect owing to its high penetration power. Does not modify the substrate porosity. Applications Making the facades water-repellent. Protection of the building materials against surface waters. CONSERVADO is applied on substrates made of concrete, mortar, masonry, brick, stone, asbestos-cement, … Ph and Ch (and mechanical) characteristics Density at 20°C: 0,8 kg/l. Flash point: 36°C. Packaging 5- and 10-litre can. - 30-litre small drum. Storage and shelf-life Store away from heat and freezing and in a dry place. CONSERVADO SP stored in an unopened packaging has a one-year shelf-life. Consumption Depends on the substrate roughness: on concrete and mortar: 0,200 to 0,250 l/m2 ; on porous materials: a preliminary tests is necessary for determining the exact consumption (maximum: 0,600 litre/m2). Certification and official tests Ageing, permeability, water absorption: VERITAS laboratory report No. IEX 38 970 233 V. 1


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