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POLINA BARSKOVA Hamlet as International Student When leaving for England and leaving your kingdom to The care of an absent-minded father and an insatiable mother, Expecting more money and better times to come, One must not hope for a quick return. Blowing away the beer foam, feeling up red-haired bimbos, Listening to your buddies' deliberations on The mysterious mentality of the Danes, you're OK, but, hark! Do not start wondering why everything you once knew has disappeared. The moment you boarded the ship in the port, With its cargo of old, smelly herring and heretics on board, Your previous place became a black hole, A button that fell off, a wet floor board. The problem is not that your old blockhead friends lost their loyalty to you, Not that your ex-home does not remember you anymore. Quite the contrary: it will become a museum soon, And the new tenant will take his profit there. Drop by drop. Everything will be as before, only you are shelved. Our past is like a cat: pet it, give it some food. If you'll trust it to someone else's care--the vocabulary has gone thinner, And alien mollusks have attached themselves to the ship's bottom. Our past is a Diva. Just look away for a second, Look, she's already offering her bed to a stranger. When you leave for an island, you'd better forget about the continent. Forget about your attempts to build a Flying Ark. Translation by Vladimir Bolotnikov Гамлет как интернациональный студент Уезжая в Англию, оставляя своё королевство на Рассеянного отца и неутолимую мать, Надеясь на новые деньги и лучшие времена, На скорое возвращение не следует уповать. Сдувая пивную пену, щупая рыжих дур, Обрекая приятелей на рассужденье о Датском менталитете, ты в порядке, но, чур,

Polina Barskova

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