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CFS Bulletin Issue 6 July 2013 w: e: @UCLForensicSci in this issue: • The 7th International Crime Science Conference • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences 65th Anniversary General Meeting • SuperLAB! • Events and seminars round-up • News and upcoming events 7th International Crime Science Conference Crime scientists and forensic scientists from UCL and beyond gathered at the British Library, London on Tuesday 16th July for the latest International Crime Science Conference, organised by the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security & Crime Science. The focus for 2013 was on “Engineering emerging technologies for our future cities” and it showcased leading research projects that researchers are hoping will help to tackle threats to our urban societies as we move into a new phase of technological and societal development. The CFS ran a session on Forensic Technology, chaired by the director Dr Ruth Morgan. Dr Gill Tully, from independent forensic science provider Principle Forensic Services, gave a talk on bringing forensic research/ technology to market. Questions from the audience focused on exactly what the current forensic science landscape looks like, following the big changes to forensic science provision after the closure of the Forensic Science Service. It was a useful reminder for those working within the field that others in related disciplines don’t necessarily have the same knowledge that we have, and need to be better informed before they can consider moving into the field of forensic technological development. Nigel Baker (UCL Security & Crime Science) talked about developing technological tools to incorporate intelligence and forensic evidence into terrorism prevention strategies, and Dr Mark Huckvale (UCL Centre for Law Enforcement Audio Research) talked about his Centre’s project on enhancement of poor quality speech recordings for use as forensic evidence. Dr Ali Anjomshoaa (from the Forensic Special Interest Group) was the external chair, and brought an industry perspective to the session. It was a popular session with delegates and the variety of talks showed the real diversity of forensic science applications. Thanks to all those who attended and we hope to see you again next year.


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