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Fall 2009 The Growl Page 1 THE OF KAPPA SIGMA The Official Newsletter of the Theta Xi Fraternity – Kappa Sigma Chapter, Kettering University Spring 2010 A-Section Edition A Word from the President Brothers, As new chapter president, I am excited for what the futures holds. Currently, we have 30 members, as well as two associates, living in the house and 28 brothers will be returning for summer term. We are all looking forward to rush and hope to get another large associate member class. Based on the past, as well as what we have learned from several national conventions, I think we should be able to get at least ten more associates. Over this current term, the associate member project was to replace all of the missing molding, fix all of the dining room tables, and to rewire the entertainment systems in Spyke’s and the Rec. room. On top of this, all of the brothers patched and painted all of the walls throughout the house. Everything is looking great now and I think that this will even help us with rush next term. done so far. Ever since the new house has been a possibility, I have noticed a remarkable increase in moral. Everybody is excited and willing to do more for the house. YITB, Don Yochim, KΣ 1298 President Graduation Announcements A-section has given alumni status to one brother during winter term:  Peter Chung KΣ 1283 The transition from WAG to GPA has been rough, but I think we have managed it well. We have been pushing towards raising our grades, and I am happy to say that as a house we have made substantial improvement since last term, despite the change. I can say with confidence that we will continue to raise our grades this term over the next year. There has been major progress towards the new house thanks to our active Alumni. I would just like to thank them all for everything they have Congratulations Peter! Your dedication to the house is appreciated, and you will be missed.

The Growl Spring 2010

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