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Your Business Name A P E Company Representative Johnny Appleseed 888 Business st Suburb, 4000. Q. 1300 000 000 Attn: Client Name Brief and Quotation Client’s Company Name Website Design 24.09.10 Proposal Valid to 23.09.11 Respect Please respect all works presented to you by Your Business and do not use or reproduce any of this work without prior consent from Your Business. All works remain the property of Your Business until such time as the client has approved the quote and payment has been made. Any breach of this trust will be taken seriously, to the full extent of copyright law. Also note that all material that is supplied to us (Your Business) is kept with the strictest confidence and will not be released to anyone without your consent. If you have any queries concerning use of work or resources used in the creation of this work, please talk to Your Business directly.


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