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INSIDE KC Justin Hewlett announces candidacy for Johnson County Judge page 8 1 $ STANDARD U.S. MAIL PAID KEENE, TX PERMIT NO. 25 Per Issue ZIP CODE 76059 KEENE CHRONICLE Volume 01, Issue 23 Did You Know: Peterson’s August 8, 2013 Gym Liz Lopez Peterson’s Gym, located at 220 Wallen Ridge, Keene,Texas has been in the business of building character, self-esteem, athleticism and teamwork values for Keene youth since its opening in September of 1994. Keene Chronicle sat down with Doug Peterson, co-owner of Peterson’s Gym and over breakfast at Sweet Peppa’s Restaurant learned a great deal about the history and current activities of this institution and the amazing acrobats that it produces. The following is the Peterson’s Gym story as shared by Doug Peterson: “I have a Cleburne address but I live in Coyote Flats of which I am the Mayor. Back when I was at Union College, Victor Brown was the recruitment guy here (Southwestern Adventist University). I am originally from Gentry Arkansas, so I’m an Ozark boy! And Victor felt like all Ozark students should go to Southwestern. But I had two brothers at Union; its 365 miles here and 415 there and they had a new crop of girls, so I decided I’d go to Union. That bugged Victor Brown from day one! From my sophomore year on he tried to get me to come here and run a gymnastics team, because they didn’t have one. And so in my senior year, Union wanted me to go to a boarding school to do my student teaching and leave my newlywed wife at home. I didn’t think that was a very good idea; she didn’t like the idea either! So, I reconnected with Victor and was able to do my student teaching at CTA and to start a team at the University; it was just kind of a part-time venture. “So I graduated, got it all wrapped up and took a call to Enterprise Academy in Kansas. I was there for just a year as Dean and P.E. teacher. So then after that year, there was nothing there for my wife. She wanted to get a Master’s degree and so we moved here Danny Vargas, Head Coach (L) instructing students so she could attend U.T.A. So I started the team back up again; that was the ’91-’92 school year. At the same time I started businesses at KAES and CTA - running teams there as well. That actually branched into Burleson Adventist School and Burton Academy and at one point, we were running 7 different teams, including Cleburne Community Christian and a couple of home school teams. We were busy - but then there was about 3 years there where I was just doing acrobatics and stuff. I taught P.E. at KAES for a year or two as well. “At that time there was a gym in Cleburne that was starting up and so I started working for them. I was teaching gymnastics 10-12 hours a day and had my hands full! At the same time my Peterson's Gym father and son acrobats, Danny (base) and Adrian (top) Vargas performing at the CTA gymnasium for the Keene Chamber 4th of July Celebration, 2013 brother Randy was at Andrew’s (University) waiting for his wife to complete her Master’s in Therapy. Randy also has a degree in Physical Education. I was kind of building a business and building a reputation in the community. The owner of the gym where I was working at in Cleburne came to me and asked me if I wanted to buy it. And so I said, ‘yes I do.’ So then I called my brother and said ‘hey, come to Texas and partner with me and run this gym with me and let’s do this!’ And he said ‘Ok, sounds good!’ And then they backed out! They said ‘you know, we changed our minds, we want to keep paying you 10 bucks an hour!’ This was oh, probably around January or February. And so I called my brother and told him what happened and he said ‘well, let’s just build our own!’ And I responded ‘let’s do it!’ “But you know, we didn’t have any money - which was a small problem - and we were in our 20’s and who’s going to loan you money, you know? So we weren’t smart enough to know when not to do something so we got started! Our parents were involved as well and they put up some money and so we bought property where the gym is now. We then used that property as collateral to get the loan for the building. This was the summer of ’94. “We did not know how to build a gym but we had looked at various designs and when we saw one of the dome shaped buildings, we knew that’s what we wanted. The bulldozer stuck its nose in the ground on the 8th of July. The dome shape makes a great gymnastics gym because you get a really high ceiling; which is what we knew we needed because we are building pyramids that touch that 25’ 6” these days. Our trampolines are built into the floor. “So on July 8, the bulldozer started digging the foam and trampoline pits and leveled the pad and got us ready to go. And we worked from sometime before the sun came up till sometime after the sun went down – 6 days a week! We were very happy to be Seventh-day-Adventists because if we would have had to work 7 days a week, we would have killed ourselves! My dad was in construction until his early 40’s as a block mason and working with concrete. So we had some experience and there were some phone calls that went back and forth to Arkansas, where he was living at the time. “We hired a contractor who was going to put the building up. And that was a whole other story. The contractor himself was blind and the expert that he hired was an idiot! And on top of that his roller machine (used in the steel building construction) didn’t work right! This ‘expert’ couldn’t get the machine to run. So after three days, I chased him off! I had a friend that was an engineering type person and he said ‘well I know who you need, you need Gary Voth.’ So he called Gary who came over and within about 10 minutes he was doing a headstand inside that machine, working over something or another. In about an hour, he had it running good (steel) panels that this other guy had tried to run for three days and couldn’t! And so Gary has a lifetime membership to the gym - he’s just a spectacular guy! “Gary was a part of getting that rolling and then Jerry Howard came out and did a lot of our welding - which was Continued: Peterson’s Gym Page 2 Keene City Council flip-flops on commercial land deal while Ackermann takes another Chapline “smack-down!” While Keene City officials revisited and reluctantly approved a $200,000 land deal at the council meeting on the evening of July 25, 2013, the mayor’s support continues to wane and can only be described as “tenuous at best” as he is repeatedly rebuffed, challenged and admonished by fellow Councilmember Chapline, with a “tag-team” back up which included Councilmembers Gore & Schram, Robert Bischoff and even former Councilmember Chad Aden. In the public forum portion of the meeting former councilmember Chad Aden took the floor to state “At the last council meeting, I know there were a lot of questions asked and no one wanted to answer any of those questions. … Upon reading what the (Texas Open Meetings) Act says … it says: ‘If at a meeting of a governmental body, a member of the public or of the governmental body inquires about a subject for which notice has not been given as required by this subchapter, the notice provisions of this subchapter do not apply. So, the city council can answer a statement of specific factual information given in response to the inquiry’ – which would be our question to you guys,” continued Aden. “…So my question comes back to what we talked about last week and I really want to know who started bringing all of the agenda items to the council for termination of Bill Guinn or Keith Jilge? Does anyone care to answer that on a ‘fact’ base response?” “Chad,” responded Councilmember Chapline, “I’ll answer it. It’s been the mayor who’s been pushing this agenda from the very beginning!” Robert Bischoff was then given the floor and made the Robert Bischoff following remarks: “The procedure that I just had to go through at the front door I think is improper; I think it is Mickey Mouse and it’s Mr. Mayor’s little projects. Number one, you see an item on the agenda and it’s hard to explain it in detail. In city council, when you guys start discussing something, we have questions and at that point we were supposed to have already signed up for that. So, I don’t understand how it’s fair to the citizen who is trying to decide which one of the agenda items he might like to speak on at some point. So I would like to register that and I would also like to register the idea that the mayor is still behind this.” Keene resident and Johnson County Commissioner, Don Beeson then took the floor to concur with Aden’s assertion that “it’s not illegal for a dialogue in city council.” He then shared the following comments: “…I think it’s highly unusual to have on the agenda two public hearings on the same item at the same time. …It’s really unusual and rare (to do so) …but that’s your business. What I came to address and I think there is going to be discussion on this some point in time about purchasing property for economic development; which sounds good and it is good. But in the last 6 years I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in some business transactions … And I just want to caution you about one thing: If indeed you are going to take city money and put it into a piece of land, please save back enough money to put infrastructure into it – or at least ask them to help you with that. Because I can tell you that’s one thing that businesses will not come in without. …So whatever your decisions are, if you are going to buy some land, then remember if you don’t have the money to help develop that property and land, you could possibly be wasting your tax money that you may not every realize. So, I just want to caution you to please remember that, thanks.” “I would like to bring an item of a code of ethics for councilmembers” proposed Ackermann under item #2 on the agenda: “Request by the City Council for items to be placed on a future agenda for your approval at the next meeting.” “Anybody proposes a code of ethics for the mayor?” retorted Chapline, to which Ackermann responded “the mayor is part of the council. It’s George Evans, Keene Waevident that the meetings are ter Department Supervisor being choreographed before the meetings actually haplevels.” Evans also informed pen.” Chapline defensively the council that recently the demanded “I’m sorry; I didn’t city has been using “a lot of hear that, could you say that the surface water out of Lake again?” To which Ackermann Granbury.” complied before moving on to Noting that former mayor item #3 “Consider approval of Robinson and several other previous minutes.” This item audience members had their was summarily passed by the hands up for acknowledgecouncil without discussion. ment, Ackermann interjected The mayor then opened the “If we will please be kind public hearing on item #4 enough to follow parliamenon the agenda: “Review of tary procedure and wait to be the Drinking Water Quality acknowledged. Go ahead,” he Report and Public Participaprompted Robinson who then tion.” George Evans, Keene indicated that he had never Water Department Supervireceived “notification to go to sor reported that in the recent the web site” for a review of annual water quality report the report but had no comthere were “no violations at plaints about that water at his all …and (the water) tested Continued: Keene City below the actual contaminate Council Page 4

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