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LEL K E L L O G G C O M M U N I T Y C OK L LE EG OGG COMM U N I T Y C O November L L E2013 GE uin Handy for the handicapped? Lacy Janousek Co-Editor Bob Reynolds hasn’t been handicapped his entire life, nor will he be handicapped for the rest of it. His temporary limited mobility combined with his position as Chief Information Officer has forced him to travel across KCC’s campus in an electric wheelchair or on crutches; Reynolds discovered the challenge in that task very quickly. “I’ve had the opportunity to experience how handicap accessible our campus is,” Reynolds explained. “The campus meets compliances for handicap accessibility but that doesn’t mean compliance is most friendly.” Mark O’Connell, Vice President for Administration and Finance, explained KCC is continually working to make the campus easier for those who have limited mobility. Updating KCC’s campus began in November 2009 when voters funded the first initiative of improvements to the main campus, which had buildings dated to 1970. “Things are a lot different in 2013 compared to 1970,” O’Connell commented. The 2009 initiative is one of several steps to make the campus more friendly to all students, faculty, and visitors. “One of the things we wanted to do was make the campus easily accessible,” O’Connell explained. “Not only for handicapped students but students with children.” In November 2009, KCC architects observed what the school had and what needed to be update to go above state standards for handicap accessibility. After watch- photo by Simon Thalmann Bob Reynolds attends the Foundation Scholarship Dinner. ing students in with their children pull strollers up what used to be only steps, the first on O’Connell and the architect’s list was making a ramp for those traveling with wheels. “When we redo a building, we make sure the main entrances is handicap accessible from the front,” O’Connell said. “We try to allocate handicapped parking, people have needs and we are addressing them.” When the first initiative was complete, KCC was not only equipped with extra parking at the North Drive entrance, but a ramp was camouflaged in next to the front steps for KCC patrons with limited mobility. “The zigzag was created for one group especially, but it is now used by everyone,” O’Connell explained. As years have passed, KCC has continued remodeling their main campus. The Lane Thomas Building was completed in Spring 2013. Replacing a bridge and manual door, is a much safer sidewalk and automatic sliding doors, O’Connell explained. “You used to have a button but now you have an electric sensor and it automatically opens,” O’Connell continued on page 2 The Bridge is here to help Heidi Myers Staff Writer Fear not trembling, students! There is a safe haven for the exam stress to melt away. The Bridge (formerly The Learning Place) is a completely free learning support center at KCC. Academic subjects covered by The Bridge include reading, writing, math and science; although if someone needs assistance in a different subject, a peer tutor is often sought out. The Bridge works closely with faculty to find suitable peer tutors recommended by professors. Cindy Lingbeek, staff assistant, has been working at KCC for 17 years and coordinates the tutoring in all departments. When asked what subject students tend to seek help for the most she replied very confidently, “Science. All the sciences.” Accounting has also been a popular subject at The Bridge this semester. Lingbeek says that The Bridge definitely gets busier during exam time, as well as when students have big projects due. When asked what one piece of advice she would give students, she replied, “Swallow your pride and ask for help. Even if not here with a tutor, at least a Team building at Bruins Give Back page 3 photo by Lacy Janousek Dr. Paula Westdorp consults with Lakia Larthridge classmate or form a study group.” The Bridge also provides assistance writing papers. Jeff Houldsworth is an English para professor employed Veteran's Art Show debuts page 6 Changes to the Honors Contract page 8 with KCC since 2004 and stresses that The Bridge is not, however, an editing service. “Don’t come in right before Students visit Comic-Con page 10 continued on page 3 Bruins shine light on autism page 12

November 2013

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