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LEL K E L L O G G C O M M U N I T Y C OK L LE EG OGG COMM U N I T Y C O L LMayE2013 GE uin Feeney and Graham’s "Big Adventure" Lacy Janousek Assistant Editor English Professor Pam Feeney never loved creative writing. She has always loved the structure, the ease, the research behind academic writing. About a year ago, she found out she would be a grandmother for the first time and her loathing of creative writing softened a little as she began to write a journey for what she thought would be twin grandsons. Eight weeks after finding out her son and daughterin-law were expecting twin boys, Feeney said she must have grown a “creative bone” because she began drafting a children’s book. The book would have been Sammie and Liam’s Big Adventure; however, Feeney’s daughterin-law had her second sonogram and found out the twin boys were truly twin girls. “I knew how to handle boys, I never had girls,” Feeney said. “But why couldn’t two little girls have the same adventure?” With that realization, Feeney tweaked the title and continued writing what became Peaches and Posey’s Big Adventure. The story explains how four-year-old twin girls, Peaches and Posey, sneak out of their family’s Brooklyn, Graham and Feeney show off their joint venture. photo by Simon Thalmann New York apartment to go on an adventure through the city. When she was done drafting Big Adventure, Feeney considered one of her former English 151 students and current student at KCC, Thomas Graham, for the illustrations. Feeney remembered Graham’s work from one of continued on page 2 the student art shows and Honored to serve Color is complicated! Ann Michels Editor-in-Chief With a dedication to community service, ten KCC students were honored at the 17th annual Outstanding Student Service Awards Celebration in East Lansing on April 13th. Michigan Campus Compact’s prestigious Commitment to Service awards went to KCC students Melissa Swarts and Joshua Englehart. Melissa Swarts, from Coldwater, MI, realized a need in her community and created a menu planning cooking class, and presentation by obtaining outside grant money to make a class happen. She has been offered grant money to provide five more classes and an internship with Michigan State University Exten- Award winner Melissa Swarts with Dr. Bona and MICC's Renee Zientek sion. Another Coldwater resident, Joshua Englehart, lost his brother to Cystic Fibrosis. To memorialize his brother by bringing awareness and funds to the Cystic Fibrosis Organization, Englehart and his family created a flag football game with a concession stand and bake sale, hopeful to turn it into an annual event. They were able to fund-raiser over $4000, and Englehart was the regional winner of the Great Strides award. Heart and Soul Awards were given to Tammy Phillips (Veteran Advocate), Keeton Foley (Haven of Rest), Hallie Adams (ATP and LINKS programs), Alexandra Guebara (American Red Cross), Martha Smith (Haven of Rest), Rebekah Daly (KidCare America), Cassidy Kerr (Marion E. Burch Adult Day Care CenBack Row: (left to right)Martha Smith, Tammy Phillips, Dr. ters), and Stephanie Mastin (Albion Schools). Dennis Bona, Stephanie Mastin, Stevie Simmons—Front Row: (left “It is an honor to celebrate the tremendous accomto right) Rebekah Daly, Alexandra Guebara, and Keeton Foley plishments that our students have been able to achieve a wonderful example of KCC’s commitment to give back while serving in our community,” said Kate DeGraaf, to our community through service.” Service Learning Manager at KCC. “These students are Student art show winners pg. 2 Summer student aid pg. 3 WICKED in Kalamazoo pg. 4 Student Art Show—Best Drawing—Kadin By Thomas Graham photo by Thomas Graham Thomas Graham Staff Writer I am often asked, “How do you make charcoal drawing look so realistic?” I've always believed that my drawing skill was a gift from God. Drawing has always come naturally to me, and I never really question why I choose to work with gray scale media over others, until now. I think the simplest explanation is: color is complicated! In elementary school, I learned that I did not see color the way other children did and was labeled color continued on page 3 blind among other things. Renaissance re-enactment pg. 9 Women and their social media pg. 12

May 2013

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