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LEL K E L L O G G C O M M U N I T Y C OK L LE EG Volume OGG COMM U XVIII, N Number I T Y5 C O LFebruary L E2013 GE uin On the right path Ann Michels Editor -in-Chief A new year and a new semester bring constant growth and action to campus. Hundreds of new jobs are expected to come to the Battle Creek area from auto suppliers Cosma International and Denso International. KCC most likely will be involved with training programs. In their latest list of Roses and Raspberries, The Battle Creek Enquirer posted a rose to KCC President Dr. Dennis Bona and the KCC Board of Trustees for their recent vote to offer in-district tuition to all graduates who have lived in the taxing district for a least one year and have graduated from a local high school. The Writing Initiative “Better Writing by 2015” is in full swing. The goal is to improve everyone’s writing, faculty and students alike. If you haven’t been talked to about how to write professional emails, read further into this issue of the Bruin. A new scholarship for aspiring journalists has been created by KCC’s Director of Public Information and Marketing, Eric Greene, former managing editor of the Enquirer. While our winter break was long, the College has been very busy improving its services and getting us off on the right (write?) foot in 2013. Students in hallway on first day at KCC. photo by Simon Thalmann Faculty turn forty Ann Michels Editor -in-Chief In the twenty-first century, it is remarkable for anyone to stay in a job for longer than five years, yet this year, three KCC faculty celebrated forty years of service to the College. Professors Gene Andrews, Ron Smith, and John Wooten have dedicated nearly two-thirds of their lives to teaching thousands of students over the years. KCC President Dennis Bona notes, “They are exceptionally good at what they do, each with perhaps a different teaching style but all with great effectiveness. Their faculty colleagues, administration and staff have all appreciated their presence at the College, as they have engaged in strategic planning, curriculum development, countless improvement initiatives, served as mentors and led by example. They have both earned and enjoyed the respect of all of their colleagues.” Students appreciate their instruction and have indicated that to President Bona . In a community college setting, they teach in their areas of concentration sometimes to entire families and friends. At the prime of their profession, retirement is just a word in the dictionary. Bona expresses his hope these dedicated professors continue teaching at KCC for years to come. Scholarship for aspiring journalist pg. 2 Tips for financial aid pg. 2 Clockwise from top left: Mr. Smith giving instruction. Photo from KCC Archives. Top right: John Wooten, Gene Andrews and Ron Smith. Photo by Simon Thalmann. Bottom right: Mr. Wooten back when chalkboards were in use. Photo from KCC Archives. Far left: Gene Andrews. Photo from Chris Leatherman. Grad Fest pg. 3 Spring cleaning: closet addiction pg. 6 Super Bowl XLVII pg. 8

February 2013

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