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Holidays 2012 To Our Pet Orphans Family - Holiday Greetings! Another year is drawing to a close, and personally I cannot regret its demise! Due, mainly, to a stressful economy, we have been forced to readjust our whole operations and plans for the future (including our dream of a vet clinic that is so badly needed here!) in order to continue to provide critically needed care for the animals that depend upon us for survival. However, just as “the Phoenix that rose from the ashes,” Pet Orphans has been REBORN, and is looking forward to its “BIG 40th” anniversary celebration next year. As the co-founder of the organization, I have been searching my soul and memories of these past 40 years for a graphic example that defines our philosophy as to what we do and why. There are THOUSANDS of them now, with stories like the following one, that will warm your heart and bring to each of you the most precious gift you could receive this Holiday season. The fact that these blessed unions occur between orphaned, lonely animals and their new owners who cherish them, is because you made this happen. You have given them the gift of life because you shared with us in caring for our orphans while they were awaiting their special someone to come and light their way to a loving future. This family’s beautiful story is just one of the many heartfelt tributes to your kindness and generosity; thank you on behalf of the beloved pets, their happy families, and on behalf of the staff and volunteers of our Pet Orphans family. Diane Scripps President Josh and Bella It was almost a year ago that our family visited Pet Orphans to adopt a dog. We had looked over the web site prior to our visit. By viewing the photos and descriptions, there were several dogs we were interested in, however one in particular we dismissed because she was a Pit Bull Mix (Bella). Our 10 year old son Josh has Down’s Syndrome and we needed a dog that was gentle, patient, and tolerant of his specific behaviors. We visited with a couple of dogs. Then they brought out Bella. Immediately there was a magical connection between Josh and Bella! It was silent but evident in the joyful and excited energy both Josh and Bella displayed. Josh did not exhibit this behavior with the other dogs. However we were still ready to dismiss Bella because of her breed. Thanks to the great people at Pet Orphans for pointing out what we were afraid to see: the strong, natural connection between Josh and Bella. Bella the Pit Bull Mix is now a valued member of our family! She is the gentle, patient, and tolerant dog we were searching for! When our house is full of Josh’s friends, Bella is the life of the party. When Josh is sad or not feeling well, Bella is by his side. The breed is clearly misunderstood. Josh’s best friend, Bella, is sweet, lovable, extremely gentle, and tolerant. Thank You Pet Orphans! Bella is the absolute best dog! Kathy and Wade Barneck Bringing Animals and People together since 1973

Pet Orphans of Southern California Holiday 2012 Newsletter

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