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AIL ED FR U M J LI A N 6 M 1985 Change Service Requested O PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID . 9 203 PO Box 639 Julian, CA. 92036 CA ESTABLISHED Julian News The Independent Weekly Newspaper Serving the Backcountry Communities of Julian, Cuyamaca, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley,Mt. Laguna, Ranchita, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs and Wynola. PERMIT NO. 30 JULIAN, CA 50¢ Volume 29 - Issue 32 Wednesday March 19, 2014 Julian, CA. ISSN 1937-8416 Alice In Wonderland Julian Jr. High's 8th grade class will be performing the play, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, tonight in the Wolf Den. The evening performance (for the public) will be Wednesday, March 19th 6 PM. Donations only. Money goes towards future productions. Enjoy the show! e7 Pag Spring Officially Begins March 20 From The Chief On the first day of spring—the vernal equinox—day and night are each approximately 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days before the vernal equinox). The Sun crosses the celestial equator going northward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west. JCFPD To Continue Ambulance Service, Building Update Rick Marinelli, Chief-JCFPD Since becoming the Chief I have been working on several large issues affecting the District. We have made significant progress on some of the issues so I thought it be a good time to update the community. 1. The County Ambulance Contract - San Diego County has responsibility to provide Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service for the back country. The County provides that service through contracts with a variety of ambulance companies. The Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District (JCFPD) has been the contractor for the Julian Service Area (JSA) for the past ten years. The contract expired at the end of September, 2013. The County offered the JCFPD an extension of the Contract until March 31, 2014 while they solicited for new proposals from potential service providers. The JCFPD submitted a proposal for the new contract and after some minor contract negotiations should be awarded the final contract by the end of March. So, what does all this mean? The JCFPD will remain the contractor for the Ambulance service for the next 3-7 years. We will continue to service the JSA, which is an area much larger than the JCFPD. The JSA runs roughly from Morretti’s junction to the north, south to about the Cuyamaca School Camp, and east to about S-2 and west to about Passing Lane in Ramona. This is good news for the community because the JCFPD will retain control of the ambulance service and the quality of care provided. 2. New Fire Station- We are poised to start building as soon as Cal Trans approves our site plan. We have specifications and plans for the office and barracks, apparatus garage as well as an approved site plan. We have contracted with a Management Company to oversee administration and construction from start to finish. I have a kick off meeting with the company scheduled and will hand off management of the project to them. The company will be preparing bid documents, procuring building permits and working with our project engineer to facilitate start and completion. We are really trying hard to make 2014 the year the station gets built. We have tackled most of the hurdles except for Cal Trans and loan funding but I think we are about to turn the corner on both of these. 3. New Fire Engine- We finally took possession of our new fire engine; although, the contractor was facing serious financial issues and did not fully complete the truck. We are in the process of exploring a couple of options. One option is for us to complete the truck and put it into service. The estimated cost to complete it is $20-$40 thousand. The other option is to sell it and purchase a new engine off the show room floor. There are pros and cons with both options but we will have to live with the decision for the next 20-30 years so we want to be sure we get it right. The consensus from most of the members of the District, other Fire Chiefs and I is the current truck is to large for our narrow, windy roads. A smaller more maneuverable truck is more suited for our local conditions. So, we are in the process of assessing the value of our current engine and possibly selling it and buy something off the floor with a warranty. More to follow on that. 4. Other business- We are reviewing our training program and working on getting in alignment with other Fire Dept. standards. We have been working with Cal Fire, County Fire Authority and other fire agencies establishing a solid mutual aid program. In today’s fire ground ALL fire agencies rely on each other for assistance with large incidents. Not even the largest agencies can do it all themselves so mutual aid is essential and starts long before the fire. We are getting ready for fire season and focusing our training efforts on getting ready. We have a citizen’s committee looking at the future needs of the JCFPD and the public we serve. Most of the surrounding Fire Departments staff medic engines. These medic engines are staffed 24/7 with a crew that includes a paramedic and advanced life support (ALS) equipment. This is rapidly becoming the standard level of care for Fire Departments. The JCFPD would like to bring this level of care to Julian. We have it with the Ambulance but the Ambulance can be out of the JCFPD boundaries for hours at a time. This leaves the JCFPD with only basic life support (BLS). BLS was fine when that was the standard level of care offered by fire departments. But times have changed and the standard level of care is now ALS. The JCFPD would like to bring this level of care to the District. This would require hiring three firefighter/paramedics to staff the engine 24/7. This would dramatically lower our response times and increase our level of service for a low cost. The committee is currently investigating ways to fund this program. So, we have been really busy tackling these large issues and establishing a solid foundation to build plans for now and the future. I would also like to acknowledge Shawna Simonds and Mike Van Bibber. Shawna is the District Secretary and she was invaluable preparing our proposal to secure the Ambulance contract and Mike is a volunteer Battalion Chief and has been a great help to me getting some of our operational needs taken care of. As always, I would like to invite everyone to contact me whenever you have questions and concerns and please attend our Board Meeting if you get the chance. The JCFPD is funded by your tax dollars and we are here to serve you. (46¢ + tax included) The County Is Taking Steps To Buy More Land At Volcan Mountain from County News Service The Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday(3/12) to hold a hearing April 16 to consider buying 114 acres of land located north of Banner Road and east of Farmer Road. The area is next to the Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve. The property is mostly forest land with some areas of chaparral and coastal sage scrub. So far, the County and other organizations have acquired more than 34,000 acres in the vicinity with the idea of preserving the beauty and wildlife of this land for future generations. “This demonstrates that the County is committed toward the preservation of our open space lands. The Volcan Mountain Preserve plays a large part in our overall efforts,” said Supervisor Dianne Jacob. “It is, in fact, probably one of the best, most pristine areas in our whole region.” The appraised value of the additional land is $194,000 but the total cost could reach $320,000 due to transaction expenses and land protection measures. Funding is expected from two sources; a $115,000 grant from the California Habitat Conservation Fund and $205,000 from the Multiple Species Conservation Acquisitions Fund. Volcan Mountain Foundation Dinner Dance And Auction Set For March 30th The 23rd Annual Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) Dinner Dance & Auction featuring a silent auction, hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting, dinner catered by Pear Trees Catering Co., and dancing to the music of Footloose is on Sunday, March 30th at Camp Stevens in Julian. Contact the VMF office (760- Dinner Dance 2013-Camp Stevens 765-2300) to make reservations. Director Beth Bojarski welcome Recent years have sold out, so Joyce and Bob Gans don’t wait! photo by Colleen Bradley With all the proceeds going to support VMF’s work of protecting and preserving Volcan Mountain, it always promises to be a great time for a great cause! Before dinner the amazing auction array will entice guests while they enjoy hors d’oeurves compliments of Orchard Hill Country Inn, and local beverages from La Serenissima Winery near Sunshine Summit, Julian’s new Nickel Beer Company, and hard and traditional cider courtesy of Julian Hard Cider and Apple Lane Orchard. Appealing to a wide range of budgets and interests, with incredible values, there’s truly something for everyone. From a Mission Bay stay and kayak getaway, to Palm Springs, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Costa Rica, Paris, Ecuador, and New Zealand, there are exciting nearby and distant travel destinations—even Julian! A week’s spa getaway for two at the legendary Rancho La Puerta, valued at $7,500, will be the highlight of an exciting live auction. For art lovers there is an impressive variety of stunning paintings, photographs, jewelry and wearable art. Find great deals on many more local and San Diego area dining and theater offerings this year, golfing, horseback riding, a climbing wall adventure, whale watching, sport fishing, as well as excursions for Birch Aquarium, Disneyland, and San Diego Zoo or Safari Park. Take care of your mind, body and spirit with great values on gift certificates for local services such as yoga, massage, Julian Chiropractic, Pinecrest Swim Club, the Julian Fitness Center, and professional mediation counseling from Peace Offers. Keep things running safe and smooth at home with chimney sweeping from Donna Lord, tree services from Pope Tree Service, and computer services from The Tech Guy. There are innumerable treasures to tempt your taste buds, beautify your home, and enjoy the outdoors from Adventure 16, Julian Pie Company, Kathy’s Dress Shop, Kirk's Bike Shop, Mitchell Woodworks, Ransom Brothers, The French Gourmet, and many more. Headlining this year’s Fab Feast line-up is a pork-themed party courtesy of VMF’s new farm-to-table friends at Cook Pigs Ranch for 50 guests coordinated and decorated by A Noble Event and Dish Dames. The feast will feature delicious contributions by long-time VMF friends Jeremy’s On The Hill, Candied Apple Pastry Company, Julian Hard Cider and Orchard Hill Country Inn. Several of these continued on page 8 • Networking Breakfast • Wednesday, March 19 8 am all are welcome ‘Ride For World Health’ Returns Next Wednesday The community of Julian will once again be the stopping place for a group of medical students, mostly from Ohio State University, as they complete their first day of bicycling coast to coast. On Wednesday, March 26, at 3:30 pm, the Julian Library will host some of the riders who will speak about global health issues. A little bit of background: Ride for World Health (R4WH) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in November 2004 by a small group of medical students with a shared interest in global health issues. They were concerned about the disparity of resources affecting universal access to healthcare and wanted to take a proactive role in creating change. The students decided to combine their love for cycling and global health, thus Ride for World Health was born. Each year around 20 cyclists (both seasoned and beginners, medical students and non-medical personnel) embark on a 3,300 mile cross-country bike trek to both raise money for other global health charities (chosen annually) and to raise awareness of global health issues in communities along the way. R4WH completed its first cross-country cycling event and Coast to Coast Lecture Series in the spring of 2006. They first spoke to school students and adults in Julian last year and two willing riders participated in Matt Kraemer’s Sit N Fit Class before their first lecture. Part of R4WH goal as an organization is to raise awareness on a multitude of global health issues in local communities along our bike route. Topics could include: waterborne diseases, impact of immunizations, suicide/ mental health, HPV & cervical cancer, diabetes, childbirth, concussions, HIV/AIDS, healthy businesses and global nutrition. For more information about the ride, please visit their website at The site also includes information on our beneficiaries for this year: Empower & Advance, HEAL Africa and PODEMOS (Partnership for Ongoing Developmental, Educational and Medical Outreach Solutions), as well as a detailed listing of every town through which we will be traveling during our crosscountry trek. Please join us at the library on Wednesday, March 26 as we welcome these bicyclists to Julian and learn more about their medical school journey and why they chose to take on this cross-country trip to educate others. The library is located at 1850 Highway 78, Julian. For more information, please call the branch at 760-765-0370 or visit their website. Julian Eagles Athletics Spring Sports Track Saturday, March 22 @Elemer Runge Classic Saturday, March 29 @Mt Carmel Invitational Saturday, April 5 Arnie Robinson Invitational @San Diego Mesa College Saturday, April 19 @Jaguar Morning Session Softball Thursday, March 6 W 6 - 5 Classical Academy Friday, March 14 W - Lutheran Wednesday, March 19 3:30 @Warner Friday, March 21 3:30 - Calipatria Monday, March 24 3:15 @Baptist (Hemet) Tuesday, March 25 3:30 - Classical Academy Wednesday, March 26 3:30 - Borrego Thursday, March 27 3:30 @Vincent Memorial Wednesday, April 9 3:30 - Mountain Empire Thursday, April 10 3:30 - Warner Friday, April 11 3:30 - Warner Tuesday, April 15 4:00 @Holtville Wednesday, April 30 3:30 @Calipatria Baseball Thursday, March 6 W 3- 0 San Diego Jewish Academy Saturday, March 8 W9-4 San Jacinto W 7 - 4 Valley Academy Tuesday, March 11 L 9-3 @Calvin Christian Friday, March 14 W 6 - 0 3:30 @Lutheran Wednesday, March 19 3:15 - Calipatria Thursday, March 20 4:00 @ Ocean View Monday, March 24 3:30 @ Baptist (Hemet) Friday, March 28 3:30 @Vincent Memorial Tuesday, April 8 4:00 @Liberty Charter Wednesday, April 9 4:00 - Mountain Empire Tuesday, April 15 3:30 @Holtville Thursday, April 24 4:00 - Ocean View Friday, April 25 4:00 Foothills Christian Wednesday, April 30 3:15 @Calipatria Golf Thursday, March 13 @Classical Academy Tuesday, March 18 vs St Joseph Academy Thursday, March 20 vs Borrego Springs Tuesday, March 25 vs Calvary Christian Thursday, March 27 @Calvary Christian 10 th Annual Daffodill Show Julian Town Hall - March 22nd and 23rd Fiddling Returns to Town Hall May 31st CSOTFA District 7 ~ Fiddle and Picking Contest

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