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AIL ED FR U M J LI A N 6 M 1985 Change Service Requested O PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID . 9 203 PO Box 639 Julian, CA. 92036 CA ESTABLISHED Julian News The Independent Weekly Newspaper Serving the Backcountry Communities of Julian, Cuyamaca, Santa Ysabel, Shelter Valley,Mt. Laguna, Ranchita, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs and Wynola. PERMIT NO. 30 JULIAN, CA 50¢ Volume 29 - Issue 27 Wednesday February 12, 2014 Julian, CA. ISSN 1937-8416 (46¢ + tax included) Casino Closes Doors Valentine’s Day Is Coming: Are You Ready? (SPM Wire) This year, don’t let Valentine’s Day catch you unprepared. From red roses to dinner reservations, romantic resources are in demand on Valentine’s Day, so it’s best to place your orders in advance and call ahead. Here are some tips to let that special someone know that you care: • Whether you’re spending big or opting to go smaller, including a handwritten card personalizes a gift and offers you the chance to express yourself authentically. • Don’t believe everything you hear. Just because the object of your affection claims that he or she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, doesn’t make it necessarily true. Err on the side of caution and get your loved one something -- even just a card to say ‘I love you.’ • Do your research. If you’re planning on dining out, remember, many restaurants offer only a special prix-fixe menu with limited options on such occasions as Valentine’s Day. Additionally, the venue may also require a reservation. So plan ahead accordingly. Even with the best of intentions, Valentine’s Day can cause strife if expectations are not met. However making arrangements in advance could mean the difference between a sullen sweetheart and a delighted date. Presidents’ Day: More Than Just A Day Off (SPM Wire) If Washington’s Birthday, often known as Presidents Day, is a vacation for your family, consider making it more than just a regular day away from work and school. Celebrated the third Monday in February, many stores offer sales on special deals on this day. But you can celebrate the holiday more thematically than by spending an afternoon at the mall. Consider visiting a museum focused on American History. And it’s a great day to take a trip to a National Park, as the National Park Service is commemorating the holiday by waiving entrance fees for the entire three-day weekend. Or take a trip to the library in advance and stock up on presidential-themed books and movies. If the weather outside is frightful, curl up on the couch and watch a biopic or documentary about your favorite president. You can learn a lot from the comfort of home. This President’s Day, make your three-day weekend meaningful with some presidentfocused, educational fun. Monday February 3, gamblers, breakfast patrons and employees expecting another day at the Santa Ysabel Casino were shocked to find the doors locked and a small sign on the doors “Closed For Business.” After inquiries, an official release(see at right) was distributed confirming that the Casino, which opened to great fanfare in 2007 was closed. Many of the now former employees, were unaware of the closure early Monday, many learned about from other who had reported for work earlier only to find out once they arrived. The questions of what will happen next have not been addressed publicly by the tribe or Casino management, some of the former employees who would not speak on the record, expressed doubts that another gaming operation was in the future. A few wondered aloud what a big empty building could be used for to generate the necessary income to pay the debts, estimated at over 50 million dollars. The Santa Ysabel tribe still owes the County of San Diego over 3 million from the original agreement. When contacted for comment Supervisor Jacob was very clear - “The claim by tribal leaders that county government was a factor in the casino closure is absurd. We simply asked them to live up to their financial obligations and honor the agreement they struck with the County in 2005. Taxpayers deserve nothing less.” Julian Eagles Athletics Basketball - Boys Fish And Wildlife Says No To Protecting Grey Wolf Press Release Closure of the Santa Ysabel Casino On February 3, 2014, the Santa Ysabel Casino will cease its commercial gaming operations from its location at 25575 Hwy. 79, located on the Santa Ysabel Tribal reservation. Approximately 115 casino employees were informed that the casino would be closing for business. This very difficult decision for the Tribe was made after considered and careful consideration of the current economic climate in gaming in this region, and insurmountable challenges which have plagued the enterprise from the outset of operations. The Santa Ysabel Casino opened for business in April 2007, on the cusp of one of the worst economic downturns in the state’s history. The casino never fully realized its full potential, and confronted by an intransigent county government unwilling to renegotiate its financial agreement with the Tribe in the face of economic hardship, was forced to seek bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 in 2012. The bankruptcy request was denied by the court and the casino did the best that it could to remain solvent. According to Santa Ysabel Tribal Chairman Virgil Perez, “We have always strived to meet all of our obligations and to serve as a responsible corporate partner in our community, as well as a valuable public resource to our members and the surrounding area.” Over the years, the Santa Ysabel Casino has hosted many community safety and public resource forums for tribal members and non-tribal members alike. The Santa Ysabel Casino also helps fund the Santa Ysabel Reservation Fire Department (SYRFD), located on the reservation. Besides providing emergency response service to reservation members, the SYRFD has responded to numerous emergencies and traffic accidents in the communities surrounding the reservation. Approximately two weeks ago, SYRFD provided emergency service to a Lake Henshaw resident experiencing a heart attack and, due to low-lying fog in surrounding areas, coordinated the helicopter transportation of the victim from the casino’s parking lot. by Bill Fink Howard Simpson pays trumpet as Jimmy Carter and Richard Mudd lower the Flag to Half Mast to honor the 4 Chaplains Heart and Croix de Guerre. The Half Mast Ceremony sees the flag lowered, raised and then dropped to its half position for the day accompanied by bugle in a ceremony that conforms to American tradition. The American Legion in Julian • Networking Breakfast • Wednesday, February 19 buffalo bill’s 8 am invites any and all who would like to participate in the traditional American ceremonies that honor those that came before us, or American holidays of note. Read the column “Post Notes” for information regarding upcoming events. Basketball - Girls Tuesday, January 28 4:00 - Warner Thursday, January 30 L 55 - 12 Mtn Empire Tuesday, February 4 * Senior Day L 44 - 25 Borrego Thursday, February 6 L 63-30 @Vincent Memorial Thursday, February 13 5:00 - @ Warner Tuesday, February 18 5:00 - @Mtn Empire Soccer - Boys Chairman Perez added, “One of the most difficult things for me is the casino employees who will now be unemployed as a result of the closure of our casino. I am committed to the Tribe’s exploration of other business ventures, including gaming on a more limited scale, in order to provide as many employment opportunities as possible for those affected by the casino’s closure.” American Legion Honors Four Chaplains On Monday, February 3, the American Legion honored the bravery and sacrifice of The Four Chaplains in a Half Mast Ceremony. Presiding were Legion members Richard Mudd, Jimmy Carter, George Garvey, Howard Simpson and Chuck DuPont. The Four Chaplains, George L. Fox a Methodist Minister, Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Reverend Clark V. Poling of the Reformed Church, and Father John P. Washington a Catholic Priest were honored for their heroic sacrifice so their men on the torpedoed USST Dorchester might survive during WWII (see the Julian News, Jan. 29, Post Notes, The Four Chaplains, pg. 8) The Four Chaplains exemplified courage, selflessness, and faith as they willingly met their God during the ordeal of the sinking of the Dorchester. The Four Chaplains were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart. In 1960 Congress issued a special Medal of Valor never to be duplicated to the Chaplains next of kin. The U.S. Post Office issued a commemorative stamp in their honor and Harry Truman dedicated a chapel in their honor as well. The American Legion though, has led the effort to have Chaplains Fox, Gooding, Poling and Washington awarded the Medal of Honor. Minister Fox was an American Legion member from Vermont joining after his service in WWI. He had been awarded the Silver Star, Purple The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that protecting gray wolves under the California Endangered Species Act is not warranted. The Department presented that recommendation February 5, in a status report given to the state’s Fish and Game Commission in Sacramento. Tuesday, January 28 W 79 - 38 Warner Thursday, January 30 L 57 - 50 Mtn Empire Tuesday, February 4 * Senior Day W 68 - 58 Borrego Thursday, February 6 L 75-31 @Vincent Memorial Tuesday, February 11 4:00 - Calexico Thursday, February 13 6:30 - @ Warner Tuesday, February 18 6:30 - @Mtn Empire The report was initiated after the Commission accepted a petition to list the wolf as endangered in October 2012. The petition was filed by four conservation groups in February 2012 after OR-7, a lone wolf from Oregon, made headlines by entering into the state in December 2011, becoming the first wild wolf confirmed in California in almost 90 years. Wolf OR-7 spent over a year in California after his entry, then returned to Oregon in spring of 2013. He has forayed back into California several times for short visits, including in December 2013. “We are puzzled by recommendation not to list, given that the state’s current known wolf population is only one wolf that intermittently comes into the state,” says Lauren Richie, Director of California Wolf Recovery for the California Wolf Center. “It’s hard to get more endangered than that.” In the status review, the Department describes numerous potential threats to future wolf populations in California. However, the Department claims that wolves do not currently face these threats in the state because there is no population established yet and hence no data is available to support scientifically drawn conclusions about threats to the species. At Wednesday’s(2/5) Commission meeting, multiple members of the public and representatives of organizations stood up to testify. Nearly all testimonies were in favor of listing. “We believe that affording wolves state protections is the best way to ensure the recovery of wolves in California. Regardless of what the Commission determines in April, however, the California Wolf Center is continued on page 12 Tuesday, January 14 3:15 - Calapatria Thursday, January 16 3:15 - @Vincent Memorial Thursday, January 23 L 2 - 0 Calexico Mission Tuesday, January 28 3:15 - Borrego Thursday, January 30 3:30 - @ Calapatria Friday, January 31 L 18 - 2 @ Bonita Vista Monday, February 3 L 3-1 @River Valley Tuesday, February 4 L 10 - 0 Vincent Memorial Friday, February 7 L 3-2 Ocean View Tuesday, February 11 3:00 - @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 13 5:00 @ Borrego Springs Tuesday, February 18 4:00 @Classical Academy Soccer - Girls Monday, January 13 L9-1 Foothills Tuesday, January 14 W8-1 @Borrego Thursday, January 16 L 4 -1 Guajome Park Friday, January 17 L 6- 0 El Cajon Valley Thursday, January 23 3:15 - @Vincent Memorial Monday, January 23 L 7-1 @River Valley Tuesday, January 28 5:00 - @Borrego Thursday, January 30 3:15 - Vincent Memorial Monday, February 3 L 7- 1 River Valley Tuesday, February 4 W 5 - 1 @Calexico Mission Thursday, February 6 3:15 - Borrego Tuesday, February 11 3:15 - Calexico Mission Wrestling Saturday, February 15 CIF Divisionals Saturday, February 22 CIF Masters Julian High School Eaglette Next Week ARE YOU READY FOR “A TASTE OF JULIAN” COMING IN APRIL? Fiddling Returns to Town Hall May 31st CSOTFA District 7 ~ Fiddle and Picking Contest

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