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October 31, 2011 A publication of the Judson College Department of Journalism Michael J. Brooks, Faculty Sponsor Judson College Marion, Alabama What’s New at Judson? By Ryan Dowling Many of you are probably wondering why there are so many men running around campus. Well, security does know about them and the facilities department knows all too well what these men are up to. Judson has taken on many projects these past few months to revitalize and maintain sections of the campus. Bowling Library and Barron Dormitory seem to be the headliners for these projects. To be up to par with Judson standards, Robb Leavell, the new director of facilities, said that Judson employees have put in over 500 hours of work into renovations. What’s new? If you frequent the library, then you have seen the new and amazing coffee corner. Rachel

Judson College Triangle Oct. 31, 2011

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