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The HCOS Weekly Twelfth Edition Marcus Miller of HCOS has been making animations for a quite some time now. He's announced a new upcoming project that is, in his own words, "the biggest project I've undertaken yet!" Little Billy and the Great Hole to China is going to be a stop-motion animation a little dierent from Marcus's previous projects. Here is a portion from Marcus's blog post on the HCOS Ning about this slight change in materials: I've done clay. I like clay. It works his HCOS Ning blog for further upfairly well for animation. However, dates! it has it's downsides as well. It's sticky, it gets dirty really easily, it melts etc... Ultimately, I figured if I made the characters out of latex, they'd last longer. It's like having a A Message from the Editor posable doll. It doesn't necessarily Hey guys, I have some great news! Asher Metcalfe from HCS has opened up a music blog in the past few weeks. The Vinyl Vibe (http:// is an easily accessible blog that covers musical artists of many dierent genres. In this blog, Asher not only gives us basic information about the artists he chooses per post, but his own opinions related to the singers and bands. He rates albums, gives readers some interesting historical facts about artists and their songs, and even tells us what albums and songs he finds as his own personal favourites. Check out the blog and see what you think! You may even find some of your own favourite artists being rehave as much flexibility as clay, but viewed. I think that the pros outweigh the cons. "The script is done, now here's where things get interesting. No clay this round. Not for the final product that is. So, it is not a claymation. It's still stop-motion, but the characters are being made out of rubber latex for their bodies, with other materials for hair, clothes etc. instead of clay. It still begins with clay. You sculpt your character out of clay, and then pour plaster over it to create a mold. There are two sides of plaster so that it can separate and paint the latex over both sides. The liquid latex is mixed with acrylic paint of the desired colour, and it's simply painted on the plaster." The Vinyl Vibe Little Billy and the Great Hole to China A Message from the Editor Why am I using latex rather than Marcus promises to keep the HCOS clay? community updated on this project. Keep a close look-out on

The HCOS Weekly: 12th Edition

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