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T he POSTAL CUSTOMER King George Page 12 Volume 38, Number 11 Circuit Court Clerk Vic Mason Warns of Deed Copy Fraud Wednesday, March 12, 2014 50 Cents helping you relate to your community Playing in the snow Richard Leggitt King George Circuit Court Clerk Vic Mason joined Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring last week in warning Virginia property owners to be wary of companies offering to sell them a copy of the deed to their home. Mason said homeowners throughout the state have been receiving o f f i c i a l looking letters, —Vic often titled Mason as a “Deed Processing Notice,” that offer to sell them a copy of their deed for $83. The letters include language that may result in the homeowner believing he or she must comply by a specific date. “While it is perfectly legal, it is a scam,” Mason said. “It’s shameful that a person or business would take advantage of anyone by intentionally misleading them into believing that they had to get a copy of their deed or even really need one.” “If you do wish to have a copy of your deed, you can get a copy of your deed at the King a George Courthouse for fifty cents per page. And, if you want the deed to be certified, that is only $2.00 additional. The cost of a certified copy of a four-page deed would be only $4.00.” “Apparently, there are a few companies operating that are getting the monthly listing of land transfers in each county and then try to convince people that they need a copy of their deed at a cost of $83.00,” Mason said.   According to Mason, property owners across the state are receiving a form from “Registered Property Services”, Sioux Falls, SD. The form advises the property owner they need a copy of this deed to prove their recent real estate transaction. It says for $83, the deed will be mailed to the property owner. “The letters include language that may result in the homeowner believing he or she must comply by a specific date,” Attorney General Herring said in a statement last week. “Even though these letters look like official notices, they are actually solicitations and should be treated as such.” “Most home and property owners will receive a copy of their deed at the time of purchase, but if a deed is lost or needs to be replaced, county clerks can often do so at a much lower price,” the Attorney General said. “Consumers should read these letters carefully and know they are under no obligation to take action by any artificial deadline.” For people who believe they have been victims of fraud and another consumer crime, call the Virginia Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 552-9963 or visit www. to fill out an online complaint. “While it is perfectly legal, it is a scam.” Leonard Banks It starts with fundamentals and attitude, as members of the King George High School junior varsity boys’ soccer team undergo pre-season drills. Whether it’s rain, sleet or snow, the varsity boys’ soccer team will endure the elements for the satisfaction of getting a day’s practice. A busy month of upcoming meetings and governmental events Phyllis Cook March is shaping up to be a busy month for scheduling King George governmentalrelated events. Such upcoming meetings are listed below in chronological order. The list does not include the regular monthly meetings of various county boards, commissions or committees. MARCH 18 – SHILOH TOWN MEETING Supervisor Cedell Brooks and School Board member Mike Rose have announced a Shiloh District town hall meeting scheduled on March 17, 6 p.m., at Shiloh Baptist Church Family Life Center. Rose said he has been asked to discuss the School Board’s 2014-15 budget request. The Sheriff and Fire Chief have also been asked to participate. Shiloh Baptist Church is located on the north side of Route 3 (Kings Hwy), three miles east of US 301 (James Madison Parkway). The address is 13457 Kings Highway in King George. MARCH 25 - SMALL BUSINESS FOCUS The King George Department of Economic Development, along with the Department of Parks and Recreation, is hosting its second quarterly breakfast meeting on Tuesday, March 25, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the UMW’s Dahlgren Campus Center for Education & Research, located behind the Walmart in Dahlgren. Mary Parnell, Director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of Mary Washington, will be the keynote speaker. She is expected to discuss how the SBDC is helping small businesses throughout the greater Fredericksburg region, including King George County. The 8 a.m. meeting will begin with a meetand-greet networking opportunity and a light breakfast to be provided by Chik-fil-A, followed by opening remarks from King George Board of Supervisors Chairman Joe Grzeika. Thomas is next slated to make introductory remarks and introduce Parnell. Parnell will talk about the services and assistance available free from her office to small business and those thinking of starting a business. Her presentation is expected to be followed by questions and comments from participants. The meeting was rescheduled from earlier this month due to inclement weather. Linwood Thomas, county Director of Economic Development, is responsible for planning and scheduling the event. He has indicated that there is plenty of food planned for the event based on the original responses, saying there is no need to RSVP a second time.   Any questions about the event should be directed to Thomas by calling 775-9181 or emailing: This is the second quarterly breakfast organized by Thomas, following on one last November, with a focus on tourism in King George. MARCH 25 - JAMES MONROE TOWN HALL Supervisor Jim Howard is holding his first quarterly town hall meeting for the James Monroe District. The town hall meeting will be held on March 25, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in the board room of the Revercomb administration Del. Ransone says the General Assembly needs to pass a clean budget Republicans and Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly were unable agree on issues involving the state budget and Medicaid expansion issue, so this year’s legislative session ended Saturday without the adoption of the state’s biennial budget. The General Assembly will reconvene for a special session March 24, but Del. Margaret Ransone, who represents the 99th House District including King George and Westmoreland counties, said she would like to see the state budget and the Medicaid expansion issues handled separately. “Governor Terry McAuliffe and General Assembly Democrats are demanding that we expand ObamaCare in Virginia before they will agree to pass a budget,” said Ransone, a Republican. “This is wrong. “Virginia’s budget is not a bargaining chip. Regardless of how you feel about Obamacare, holding hostage funding for our schools, teachers, police officers, firefighters and local governments is wrong. Threatening a state government shutdown if you don’t get what you want is not the Virginia way,” Ransone said. A Saturday letter from Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to General Assembly members says he intends for the special session to last three weeks. “While we have proven that we are capable of working together for the common good on many issues, I am disappointed that politics have deadlocked budget negotiations this session and forced Virginia families to continue to wait until we can bring their money back to expand muchneeded health coverage across the Commonwealth,” the letter says. Ransone remains steadfast in her opposition to linking the budget and the Medicaid expansion. “I do not support expanding Obamacare in Virginia. Simply put, Medicaid needs significant reform. and I do not think the federal government will keep its commitment to indefinitely pay 90% of the cost for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.” The Medicaid expansion would add an estimated 300,000 people to Virginia’s Medicaid rolls. The federal government has said it will foot 100 percent of the cost to expand for the first two years, and 90 percent after that, but some legislators fear the federal government, which has significant deficit woes, will be unable to meet that. The State Senate — which is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but has a tiebreaker in Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam — has proposed a Medicaid alternative, a governmentsubsidized health exchange using private insurance called Marketplace Virginia. However, Republicans said that proposal is more expensive than Medicaid. — Richard Leggitt building. MARCH 25 - KING GEORGE JLUS King George County will host its first public forum on a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) underway for the communities around the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren. The forum on March 25 will begin at 7 p.m. at the UMW’s Dahlgren Campus Center for Education & Research. County residents and other business and community members are encouraged to attend. The forum’s focus is to provide an overview about the JLUS and its importance, an explanation of the study process, and information about the compatibility factors being assessed. The forum will provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in a presentation and round table discussion of the Joint Land Use Study, which addresses compatibility planning for the areas surrounding the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren. The public forum will be preceded by a meeting of the JLUS Policy Committee at 4 p.m. at the same location. Blind KG musician dies in trailer fire A popular blind King George musician died in a Saturday fire at his trailer home on Pumpkin Neck Road. The trailer was already enveloped in flames when the first units of the King George Fire and Rescue Services arrived on the scene just off State Route 218. The victim of the fire was identified by King George Fire Chief David Moody as Lawrence Robert “Bobby” Self. Self, who was 80 years old, was known for playing the harmonica with a local bluegrass band and often played with various bands at local civic clubs in the area. Self was trapped in the trailer when King George Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services got to the scene of the blaze. Fire trucks and rescue units from King George responded, along with units from the Navy base at Dahlgren, Westmoreland County and Charles County, Md. “Our fire/rescue team worked diligently in order to try and save Mr. Self, but due to the intensity and rapid spread of fire before “Our fire/rescue team worked diligently in order to try and save Mr. Self.” —Chief David Moody our crews arrived made this effort unsuccessful,” Moody said. “Our Department, along with our mutual-aid partners remained onscene for several hours extinguishing the fire and performed salvage and overhaul operations in order to save any personal belongings.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Self family during their time of need,” Moody said. Moody said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. —Richard Leggitt Now you can follow local breaking news daily on our website at NSWC Federal Credit Union Partners in Community Supporting our local community. NSWC Federal Credit Union Visit for details.

King George Virginia Journal 3-12-2014

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