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ck out the T he ENE POSTAL CUSTOMER King George Find your inner foodie check out the LOCALSCENE Page 6 Volume 38, Number 3 Wednesday, January 15, 2014 50 Cents helping you relate to your community Grzeika unanimously elected Board chairman KG woman sentenced for credit card fraud School pride Richard Leggitt Phyllis Cook The King George Board of Supervisors elected Joe Grzeika as chairman for 2014 on a unanimous vote at last week’s meeting on Jan. 7. Grzeika took over the gavel from Dale Sisson, At-Large rep, who was chairman last year for 2013. This is Grzeika’s sixth time as chairman. He was first elected chairman in 1996, which was the first year of his first term on the Board of Supervisors representing the James Madison district. Grzeika last faced election in 2011, when he beat former single-term School Board member Renee Parker, winning 53.8 percent of the vote. Jim Howard was elected vice chairman of the five-member board on a vote of 4-1. With no other nominations, Dahlgren rep Ruby Brabo nonetheless voted against Howard. This is a third separate stint on the Board of Supervisors for Howard, who won back the James Monroe seat this past November, which he last held from 2000 through 2009. He has a long history of public service, including on the School Board beginning in the late 1980s through 1991, following a previous term on the Board of Supervisors. In the most recent election, Howard beat incumbent John LoBuglio in a four-way race, with Howard getting more than a third of the vote and winning with 38.7 percent to LoBuglio’s 19.55 percent. The others who lost that Supervisor election contest in James Monroe were Jeff Bueche with 23.23 percent of the vote, and Rich Lorey with 18.13 percent. The other member of the Board is Cedell Brooks, representing Shiloh. In separate actions, Grzeika and Howard also were elected to the same positions for the Wireless Authority and the Service Authority. (See related article elsewhere in this issue to hear about Brabo’s objections to the Service Authority election.) MEETING CALENDAR The Board of Supervisors and the other boards noted set their meeting calendars, with most meetings on the first and third Tuesdays, beginning at 6 p.m. But there are a couple of departures from that schedule as noted below. The 2014 regular business meetings for the year are listed. All meetings are scheduled to take place in the board room on the ground floor of the Revercomb Administration building (behind the Courthouse on Route 3 – Kings Hwy). Additional special meetings are expected to be added for budget planning and other matters that come up, with a legal requirement for a minimum of three days notice to be provided to the public. JANUARY The next meeting is on Jan. 21. FEBRUARY Meetings are scheduled on Feb. 4 and Feb. 18. MARCH Meetings are scheduled on March 4 and March 18. APRIL Meetings are scheduled on April 1 and April 15. MAY Meetings are scheduled May 6 and May 20. See Grzeika, page 3 Leonard Banks Showing school pride, the King George Middle School cheer team is devoted to supporting the summer, fall, winter and spring programs. A King George woman has been sentenced to prison for two counts of illegally using a neighbor’s credit card to purchase more than $1,000 worth of items on the Internet. Jennifer Lou Robinson was sentenced by Judge Joseph Ellis to 10 years in prison on charges of credit card fraud and credit card theft. Judge Ellis suspended all but one year of the sentence, conditioned on five years good behavior, active supervised probation and no contact with the victim in the case. The crime occurred after Robinson, who sold catalog jewelry out of her home, made a sale to a woman in her neighborhood. When the woman used a credit card for the purchase, Robinson kept the credit card number, including the three-digit security code on the back of the card. Robinson then made purchases on the Internet using her name and her address. When the victim received a credit card bill containing the unauthorized charges, she contacted “The moral to the story is we all need to check our credit card bills every month.” —Keri Gusmann the King George Sheriff ’s Office, and Robinson was arrested. “The moral to the story,” said King George County Commonwealth’s Attorney Keri Gusmann, “is we all need to check our credit card bills every month. We all need to order our free annual credit report and review for any discrepancies.” “Ms. Robinson took responsibility for her actions and is being punished appropriately,” Gusmann said. “Jennifer Robinson’s case is a reminder that we all need to be vigilant about who has access to our identifying information.” Committee wants input on King George school calendar for 2014-15 Take short online survey on three options by Jan. 18 Phyllis Cook The King George School Board is expected to review a school calendar for next school year, 2014-15, at a meeting later this month scheduled for Jan. 27. There are currently three calendars under consideration by a committee headed by Kristine Hill, division coordinator of curriculum. School employees, parents and other members of the public are invited to view the three proposed calendars and complete an online survey at a link provided on the School Board website: < R2BRSc8Vm9FwVQfnmkGj_N4KV_0V84/viewform>. Another way to get to the link is to go to the King George School Board website. From the home page, click on the hyperlink provided in the first “Items of Interest,” published at the top of the second column from the left. Follow the links. Those participating in the calendar survey are asked to complete it by Jan. 18. The survey results are expected to be collated by Hill. Those survey results are expected to be presented to the School Board, along with a recommendation for one of the three calendars. That is currently slated to be presented at the School Board meeting scheduled for Jan. 27, which begins at 6 p.m., in the ground floor board room of the Revercomb Building, located behind the courthouse. COMMON ELEMENTS OF THE 2014-15 PROPOSED SCHOOL CALENDARS All three calendar drafts have several elements in common. But there are instances where there are some differences. Parents and staff are asked to carefully weigh the different calendars to pick and choose the elements they most prefer. The main commonalities and differences are indicated below. ~ AUGUST 2014 – All three calendars agree that prior to the start of school, new teachers would be scheduled to begin and report on Monday, Aug. 18 and 19, with returning teachers to return on Wednesday, Aug. 20 and work through Thursday, Aug. 28, with Aug. 29 a day off for a long Labor Day weekend prior to the start of school the following week. Open houses at each of the schools are typically scheduled during this week prior to the Labor Day weekend, but they have not been proposed at this time. ~ SEPTEMBER 2014 – All three calendars agree that school would begin on Tuesday, Sept. 2, following the Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 1. ~ OCTOBER 2014 – Two of the calendars would make Oct. 16 an early dismissal day for students and a teacher workday. The other calendar would provide a holiday for students and staff on Monday, Oct. 13 (Columbus Day). ~ NOVEMBER 2014 – All three calendars agree that Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 4, would be a student holiday and a teacher workday for professional development. One of the calendars would provide Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11, as a holiday for students and staff. The calendars provide a choice as to whether to make Wednesday, Nov. 26 an early dismissal day or a full holiday off for all to begin Thanksgiving weekend. ~ DECEMBER 2014 – Two of the calendars would provide See Input, page 3 On the path to impacting the health care of his fellow man Leonard Banks The world is slowly becoming his oyster! The humble beginnings for King George native and physician, Dr. Benjamin Thomas Cobb, are removed from his first residency at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Long before Cobb’s recent graduation (June 2013) from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, or from Hampton University, he has always aspired to work in a profession where he could benefit his fellow man. “When I was a chemistry major during my undergraduate years, I always thought science was truly fascinating,” Cobb said. “I was looking at different opportunities during my impending graduation, and I thought medicine would give me the flexibility to be a lifelong student. An added incentive was also to have the opportunity to learn something new, and to be able to apply those skills by making a difference in the lives of people.” Currently, Cobb is hard at work with a medical focus on anesthesiology. While at Hampton, Cobb’s direction in life would take a sudden change after a conversation with his college roommate, who coincidentally had spoken with a medical student about Cobb’s interest in medicine. After the medical student’s encouragement to apply to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the aspect of pursuing a career in medicine soon captivated Cobb. The field of anesthesia seemed like a great fit for Cobb, and the lifelong Steelers fan wasted no time after leaving the ranks of undergraduate school to stake his claim in the world of medicine. “Anesthesiology is a hands-on field, and I wanted something that was procedural, natural in science,” Cobb said. “Anesthesia is a focus on physics, ventilators, pressure and fluids.” Interestingly, Cobb, like many doctors in his field, continues to research how the drugs used in anesthesia work. “They tried them in rats, and it put them to sleep, and the drugs had the same effect on humans; however, we need to know how they work, to make it safer for patients,” Cobb said. While in medical school, Cobb achieved the honor as the vice president of his graduating class. He also authored several medical journals that include: Maternal outcomes in women supplemented with a high-protein drink while in labor, and the Efficacy of the bilateral ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block with intrathecal morphine for postoperative cesarean delivery analgesia. Cobb’s passion for providing health care goes beyond the responsibility of checking the patient’s vital signs-- he also realizes that there is a delicate bond between the physician and the life of a patient. “I think it’s an honor to treat people who I have never met before,” Cobb said. “They trust me to put them to sleep and wake them up, while making sure they are painfree during the procedure.” Although Cobb is thrilled with being the first doctor in his family and the positive impact on providing patients the very best knowledge and hands-on medical skills, he is concerned for the field of medicine. “I am very worried, and very afraid for the future of medicine,” Cobb said. “Twenty years ago, you didn’t have to worry if a patient required a test, or how expensive the test cost. With all the changes in health care, it really changes how we practice medicine.” Family, church and the love of his hometown have instilled a strong sense of responsibility in Cobb to continue to reach into all aspects of his chosen field. Prior to graduation from medical school, Cobb held a small celebration of thanks to family and friends at his high school alma mater (King George High School). Upon reflection, he will forever Courtesy of Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Dr. Benjamin Cobb, a native of King George, meets with a patient. hold the support of his parents and siblings, who traveled for hours to witness his graduation from medical school. “When I walked across the stage and looked up to see my family and friends, I had a big smile on my face, because I knew they were all proud of me,” Cobb said. Now you can follow local breaking news daily on our website at The ONLY credit card you need – a NSWC Federal Credit NSWC Federal Credit Union Visit for details. 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