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Dahlgren Vol. 24, No. 12, Mid-DECEMBER 2013 What’s Inside International partner visits Dahlgren training center ECRWSS Postal Patron • Pre-Sort STD U. S. POSTAGE PAID Permit #82 Woodstock, Va. 22664 The Journal Press, Inc. • (540) 775-2024 Dr. Roosevelt Dean named new clinic’s Medical Director 2 CSCS Names Instructors of the Year 2 American Legion – Fighting for Vets in King George 5 The ailing female patient shuffled slowly away from the medical clinic. Noticing his retreating patient Dr. Roosevelt went to investigate. As former co-workers relate the details, the patient explained that she did not have the money to call a taxi and also fill the prescription held tightly in her hand. Without hesitation upon hearing this, Dr. Dean quickly coordinated with his nurses to rearrange his schedule, and then personally drove the woman to the pharmacy and on to her home. According to his former coworkers this compassionate caring streak is one of his hallmarks, so when 24/7 TLC Community Care clinic began interviewing for a Medical Director, Dr. Roosevelt Dean’s name was mentioned frequently by former medical colleagues and patients. “Personalized one on one service, and a heart of compassion, along with excellent medical skills are key criteria for the culture we’re striving to create here at the community care clinic.” states 24/7 TLC President Arlene Jacovelli. Theresa Gauvin RN, the 24/7 TLC Community Care Clinic Director of Administration explains “Dr. Dean was frequently praised for his warm bedside manner, and for going the extra mile when diagnosing a patient’s symptoms. Any of the former nurses and his patients conveyed his close attention to detail, yet he was pleasant to work for. When one factors how many hours one may spend in a high stress medical situation this attitude is a critical component of providing excellent health care.” Therefore, it is with great pleasure that Arlene Jacovelli, President of 24/7 TLC community Care Clinic announces that Dr. Roosevelt Dean See Dean, page 10 Theresa Gauvin (left) talks with Arlene Jacovelli and Dr. Roosevelt Dean about plans for the Community Care Clinic which had its administrative opening Monday, Dec. 16. 24/7 TLC, a not-for-profit organization, is working to open a new primary care practice in the space formerly occupied by Gateway Urgent Care. The clinic will offer care for walk-in patients. Dr. Dean had treated patients at the urgent care practice. Nice Bridge project gets $50 million boost toward replacement Phyllis Cook NSWC Dahlgren Division Engineer Honored with Haislmaier Award 6 Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley recently announced that his state’s Transportation Authority (MDTA) Board approved an additional $50 million in its sixyear capital program to go toward the next stage of the new Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge project. O’Malley said the $50 million would help fund the preliminary design and go toward right-of-way acquisition for the project to replace the bridge on US 301 that connects Charles County, Md., and King George across the Potomac River.  “Together, with the support of local elected officials and federal partners, we are making a significant down payment on a wider, safer and more pedestrian-friendly Nice Bridge,” O’Malley said in his Nov. 21 announcement.  O’Malley noted that Maryland’s $50 million investment would bring the new bridge one step closer to reality.  He added, “There is more work to be done, but I commend the leadership of U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer and Maryland Senator Thomas “Mac” Middleton for working with the state to advance this crucial project.” A new four-lane bridge is planned to be constructed parallel to, and north of, the existing bridge.  The new bridge also will have a two-way barrier-separated bike/pedestrian path on the south side. There are plans for the existing 1.7-mile two-lane bridge to be removed after a new bridge is completed. 17,900 vehicles cross the bridge each day, with traffic projected to more than double to 37,000 vehicles per day by 2030.  The bridge is necessary and essential for military transportation between Dahlgren and Indian Head and points beyond including the Pentagon and other civilian and military defense offices. The bridge is also important for commuters and interstate trucking commerce, as well as for tourists travelling through and residents in both states who may use it only occasionally. PRELIMINARY DESIGN/ RIGHT-OF-WAY ACQUISITION, 2014-19 $50 million of new funding will boost the $6.1 million funding for preliminary engineering design that was announced by the MDTA this past summer, and also puts money toward right-of-way acquisition. Work that had been previously earmarked for the initial $6.1 million would only have gone for such activities as geotechnical work related to ordnance detection and removal in 2014 and 2015. The new total of $56.1 million Dahlgren’s Official, Unofficial base newspaper • We’re all about Dahlgren See Bridge, page 10

Dahlgren Source - December 2013

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