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T he ck out the ENE POSTAL CUSTOMER King George Find your inner foodie check out the LOCALSCENE Page 2 Volume 37, Number 50 Fairview Beach Firehouse gets $50K more for renovations Phyllis Cook The King George Board of Supervisors has appropriated an additional $50,000 toward renovations underway at the Company 3 Fairview Beach Fire/ Rescue station located in Fairview Beach. The $50,000 was approved last week following action at a board meeting on Dec. 3. The funding was transferred within the Capital Projects Fund from the capital projects line to the Company 3 renovation project which has been ongoing since receiving funding of $100,000 in August 2012 to address the building’s immediate needs. Chief David Moody reported that a large amount of work has been completed on the project, saying the use of a part-time employee has allowed significant savings, adding that the work so far completed has exceeded expectations. Part of the $50,000 is expected to cover costs for some unforeseen Wednesday, December 11, 2013 50 Cents helping you relate to your community New Community Care Clinic opening soon The night before my mother had a cerebral hemorrhage from which she never recovered we talked about how to deal with the impending bankruptcy by King George Medical Center which operated the Gateway Urgent Care. My mother was usually brimming with energy and ideas and this time was no different. We both had ideas of how to keep an urgent care operating in the county. I remember she told me this was all God’s plan and that it would be better than ever in the end. At that moment, I didn’t realize that part of God’s plan was that she would die less than a week later. The night she died I promised we would solve the problem and make certain the community wasn’t left without a full medical center. However, with all of the chaos surrounding medical services viable practices have not exactly been clamoring to pursue new ventures. Each day as we directed yet another patient away it became clear that waiting around for Dr. Charming to appear was not an option and that we would just have to do it ourselves. Well, while the urgent care service is not completely resolved we have taken the first step by an administrative opening next week of the new walk-in 24/7 TLC Community Care Clinic in the space adjoining the urgent care offices. Sounds a bit audacious but it is what Ruth would have done. After all, when I was in college my mother See FVB, page 3 See clinic, page 3 Congressman Rob Wittman visited The Journal offices to present a copy of his remarks to the House of Representatives on the passing of Journal Publisher Ruth J. Herrink. While he was at The Journal he gave valuable information and advice to the organizers of the Community Care Clinic, (l to r) Theresa Gauvin, RN, Arlene Jacovelli and Jessica Herrink. Louis Herrink (center) manages the building which will house the clinic, and which rented to the now-bankrupt urgent care facility. Wittman’s Remarks: Mr. WITTMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the memory and the spirit of a true community leader, Ruth Herrink. Ruth served as the editor and publisher of the King George Journal in King George County, Virginia. Ruth passed away on Saturday, October 12, at the age of 87 after decades of service to her community. Ruth was “indomitable,’’ in the words of her daughter, Jessica, and “always wanted to promote things that were positive for the community.’’ The communities in and around King George County and our great Commonwealth of Virginia have lost an eminent spirit that connected and energized those around her. Ruth’s daughter, Jessica, will assume her mother’s duties at the King George Journal and no doubt has a difficult, yet wonderful, challenge ahead of her to continue in the spirit of Ruth’s intentions for the community. My condolences extend to Ruth’s family and the entire community of King George County. To truly honor Ruth, we can all learn from her example and her passion to truly improve her community and the lives of those around her. Henry Griffin Road repaved with VDOT grant funds Fast Break Drifter Phyllis Cook Henry Griffin Road (Route 704) has finally been repaved. The road near Purkins Corner has needed repaving for some time, with numerous county requests to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The paving was done last week at VDOT expense with state grant funding associated with the Shiloh Park construction project. And it was completed during the same week that action on the issue was taken by the King George Board of Supervisors at a meeting on Dec. 3. The board’s unanimous vote followed a request for action from Travis Quesenberry, county administrator, who proposed the action item during his report. Henry Griffin Road was paved by using VDOT grant funding that was awarded earlier this year for the recreational access road for the park project. The recreational access road is going in at the end of Henry Griffin Road, providing access down to the park’s parking area. Fortunately, the cost of paving the recreational access road was much See Paving, page 3 Leonard Banks Colonial Beach Drifter varsity forward Monte Gould (#5, left) is closely guarded by the Foxes’ Jason Yowler as he attempts to score on a fast break. County gets improved ISO ratings ten years that may be used by insurance companies when setting premiums charged on home and business insurance policies. ISO ratings are often used by insurance companies as a factor when determining property and casualty insurance risk. The two main ISO reports have to do with fire suppression capabilities for homes and businesses in the county. There is a third report having to do with See ISO, page 3 Up to additional 30K tons allowable by year’s end Phyllis Cook The King George Board of Supervisors has approved an amendment to the county’s landfill agreement with Waste Management that will allow the company to bring in up to an additional 30,000 tons of trash by the end of this month. The additional tonnage would add up to $150,000 more in tipping fees to the county. The unanimous action took place last week at a meeting on Dec. 3. Waste Management District Manager Tom Cue had previously signaled that the request could be made while providing his regular quarterly report to the board at a meeting back on Oct. 15. At the time, Cue told Supervisors that tonnage for the third quarter of the calendar year came to the 312,000 tons, bringing the total for the first three quarters to 933,000 at that point. The landfill contract has tonnage caps that limit the amount of trash to a maximum of 312,000 tons per quarter. That adds up to 1,248,000 tons as the contractual limit allowed for each year. Cue told Supervisors at that October meeting, that he’d had a recent phone call from a potential new customer who hoped to bring 60-70,000 tons to the landfill by the end of the calendar year. Cue said if that firmed up, he would likely request a small increase in tonnage for the year that he hoped Supervisors would entertain. While presenting the action item at last week’s meeting, Travis Quesenberry, county administrator, noted, “This will make up for tonnage that we didn’t get several years ago.” The action will allow a maximum of 2,278,000 tons for the current calendar year. POSSIBILITY OF VERTICAL EXPANSION Supervisors have also been mulling a request from Cue to consider a proposal to allow for vertical expansion of the landfill. That potential was first tossed out last January. That would require a major contract change from the county as well as a permit amendment from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to increase the height of the landfill by allowing it to go up to 100 feet higher at its highest point. There would be no change in the landfill’s footprint. The existing language in the landfill contract addresses the landfill height, saying, “At no time shall the height of the surface of the facility exceed 275 feet from New Wrestling team The King George Board of Supervisors received copies of the latest ISO (Insurance Services Office) reports for the county, which are expected to go into effect on March 1, 2014. The good news is that the latest Public Protection Classification surveys performed by ISO indicate that its analysis provide classifications that have improved from the current ratings, last performed by ISO in 2002. ISO performs surveys in the county about every Landfill tonnage increased for 2013 See landfill, page 3 Leonard Banks Members of the newly reinstated King George Middle School wrestling team undergo a daily routine of endurance exercises inside the school’s tech facility. Read about the new KGMS teams on page 7. Now you can follow local breaking news daily on our website at Sponsored by NSWC Federal Credit Union - Partners in Community

12-11-2013 King George Virginia Journal

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