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1 2 3 Vol. 2 Issue 3 May/June 2013 Upcoming Events High Desert Regional Job Fair May 15 @ 10:00 AM San Bernardino County Fairgrounds Building 1 14800 Seventh Street, Victorville Baker Family Learning Center Grand Opening Ceremony, FREE Baker’s Drive-Thru 2818 Macy Street, San Bernardino When people fly into Ontario Airport, or come down Highway 330 from Big Bear, or drive west down the Yucaipa Grade on I-10 in the morning or at sunset, they see a brown haze and think “That’s not normal, that looks bad.” But the rest of the time many people tend to take it for granted and lose sight of the fact that smog is not only unhealthy, it's largely preventable. It's a significant public health problem, because poor air quality contributes to asthma and other respiratory diseases, heart and lung damage, cancer, and even premature death. Serving Up Healthy, Eating Well & Exercising Smart Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Oak Room, First Floor 400 North Pepper Ave, Colton Stater Bros. Market, 444. E. Baseline, San Bernardino Colton, Fontana and Rialto Police Departments Stater Bros Market 571 E. Foothill Boulevard, Rialto Survivor San Bernardino June 8 @ 8AM–3PM a County Guide to Disaster Preparedness Glen Helen Regional Park 2555 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino nd 2 Annual Mega Pet Adoption Jerry Lewis Soccer Complex 33900 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa June 8, 9 @ 10:00 AM Email: Website: Scan the code above and join us on Facebook! Incredible Edible Community Garden tends local goodwill see page 3 Baker&Family&Learning&Center&Grand&Opening&................&&1& Josie’s&Journal,&path&to&a&greener&county&............................&&2& Gardeners’&non@profit&takes&root&in&SB&County&................&&3& &Free&home&weatherization&saves&you&money&...................&&3& Q&A&with&SCAQMD’s&CEO&Barry&Wallerstein&....................&&4& Unincorporated area’s first capital improvement project holds grand opening The air in San Bernardino County has improved greatly in recent decades, but it's still among the worst in the nation. Our region's 'basin' geography, limited air circulation, lots of sunshine, and lots of vehicle emissions all work toward smog production. Simply put, even today's improved air conditions are still making us sick, and we need to work together to achieve standards for healthful air. We help create that smog ourselves, and we can clean it up—by advancing to clean energy and clean technologies that prevent air pollutants from ever occurring in the first place. One of SCAQMD's innovations is to use incentivizing 'carrots' instead of just regulatory requirements. One example that's coming up soon is the SCAQMD’s annual Electric Lawnmower Exchange, where residents can bring in their working gasoline powered mowers, and trade them in for purchase of a new, heavily discounted, battery powered cordless mower. Each dirty gasoline-powered mower exchanged is equivalent to taking 40 cars off the road, in terms of cleaning up emissions—it's a small step with a big payback for clean air. This has been an extremely popular, successful program, all voluntary. Another example: the SCAQMD has a pilot project in the City of San Bernardino called the Clean Communities Plan (CCP). For more information on the CCP initiatives, call (909) 396-2000. Contact us at (909) 387-4565 In this issue San Bernardino County businesses and fleet operators have really 'stepped up to the plate,' becoming a vital part of the growing “clean transformation” in the goods movement system. Let me give just a few examples: A-Z Bus in Colton markets clean burning natural gas buses that are great for the air, great for low-cost CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel that can save school districts money, and significantly reduce students' exposure to diesel exhaust. In turn, school districts such as Colton Joint Unified have taken advantage of SCAQMD co-funding incentives to upgrade their bus fleets. Agility Fleets in Fontana offers CNG and LNG engines, full maintenance services, and conversions. They've been very responsive to the spike in interest in natural gas as a cheaper and cleaner fuel than diesel. Rush Trucking in Fontana helps independent truckers and large fleet operators figure out what kind of funds are available to replace their older diesel engines with newer and cleaner diesel engines. UPS in San Bernardino is running all-electric delivery trucks, as part of a 100-truck joint project with the SCAQMD. UPS has also been using clean burning Natural Gas for years - - they use a variety of low-emission solutions, depending on route demands. Visit to read the full Q&A with SCAQMD’s Executive Officer Dr. Barry Wallerstein! A fter breaking ground less than a year ago, Muscoy will see the County’s efforts towards community development come to fruition as the Baker Family Learning Center opens May 18. The 11,000 square foot joint use facility, which includes a preschool, branch library, community meeting room, computers and more, will be the first capital improvement investment of its kind in Muscoy. In the eyes of the Baker family, it could be said that a vision has been realized. “We are on our way to fulfilling Mr. Baker’s dream,” said Supervisor Josie Gonzales, who originally presented the project to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in 2008. However, the project may have never been proposed if it wasn’t for Neal Baker’s one question to Supervisor Gonzales during the 2006 ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Muscoy Fire Department. Overlooking what was then just 2.23 acres of vacant land he owned at the corner of Darby Street and Macy Street in Muscoy, Neal Baker asked Supervisor Gonzales one simple question, “Do you want it?” For Supervisor Gonzales, the answer was an overwhelming yes. The same man known as a local fast-food pioneer for founding Baker’s Drive-Thru would also be known as fathering the birth of the first community building of its type in unincorporated Muscoy. “His generous donation, coupled with the creative ingenuity of our county departments, made this beautiful project possible,” said Supervisor Gonzales. Beautiful in that since Muscoy is an unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, it is not a separate legal entity and does not have a local concentrated government that cities like Rialto, Colton and Fontana have. Instead, unincorporated areas like Bloomington and Muscoy entrust county government to provide municipal services to the community. With San Bernardino County being the largest county in the nation, encompassing 24 cities in all, unincorporated areas can find themselves fighting for county resources and services that are already demanded at large. However, with one generous act of altruism from a local business owner, continuous support from the board, and the concerted effort of various county departments and staff, Supervisor Gonzales was able to help bring the Baker Family Learning Center to Muscoy. For more information about the Baker Family Learning Center in Muscoy, call (909) 387-2220. --Louis Penna Like us on Facebook!

Josie's Press Vol. 2 Issue 3 May/June

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