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    The  Global  Bulldog         Volume  2,  Issue  1   Winter/Spring  2014           Updates  from  campus   From  Macedonia     Read  about  what  has   been  going  on  at   Schoenberg    from  the   PCMI  coordinator.     Discover  what  the  holiday   season  was  like  for  PCMI   student  Britt  Harmon  in   Macedonia.   Page  4         Learn  what  PCMI  student   Stephanie  Dempsey-­‐Kalawe   has  been  doing  in  Malawi.               Page  6       Publication  of  Gonzaga  University’s  Peace  Corps  Master’s  International  Program   Ingles,  inglish,  Englesh,   engis,  inles,  Engles   Cheyanne  Greer,  PCV  Mozambique       I  figured  that  after  six  to   ten  years  of  English   lessons,  my  students   would,  at  the  very  least,  be   able  to  spell  the  word   English,  right?  Wrong!  This   is  just  one  teeny  tiny   example  of  the  many   challenges  I  face  teaching   English  here  in   Mozambique.  My  students   grew  up  speaking  one  or   two  local  African  languages.   Then  learned  Portuguese,   the  colonial  and  now  national   language.  In  sixth  grade  they  are   expected  to  start  learning  French   and  English  to  help  communicate   with  their  neighboring  countries   and  the  world.         Page  5   English  in  Malawi     You  see,  Mozambique  made  the   decision  after  the  Mozambican   War  of  Independence  ending  in   1975,  to  choose  Portuguese  as   the  national  language  instead  of         Here  I  am  with  some  of  my  students       English  or  French  because  it   would  be  too  difficult  to  teach     the  whole  nation  a  new   language.  However,  many  of  the   people  never  learned  Portuguese       1   because  of  the  little  or  no   schooling  available  during  the   struggle  for  independence  and   the  political  violence  that   followed.  Instead  of  changing  the   national  language  when  the   literacy  rate  was  already   so  low,  they  chose  to   keep  Portuguese  and   add  English  as  a  third  or   fourth  language.    Now  with  the  country   slowly  growing,  more   schools  being  built  and   teachers  being  trained,   the  population  is  slowly   becoming  more  literate   in  Portuguese.  This  is  a   positive  sign  of  growth,   but  the  country  is  still   struggling  to  communicate  with   the  rest  of  the  world  –  struggling   to  learn  language  without  proper   materials,  resources  and   teachers.       (Continues  on  page  2)          

The Global Bulldog #3

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