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 INTERVIEW WITH DR. YASMIN MEAH (CON’T) ISSUE 1 2013 QUARTERLY ............................... 2  NYC CULTURAL CONSULTS: A STUDENT - RUN PROGRAM ............................... 6  MEDICAL EDUCATION RESEARCH CORNER: CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF RECENT LITERATURE ... 8 The Rossi Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai MEDICAL EDUCATION NEW S, RESEARCH REVIEW S, TEACHING TIPS, CONVERSATIONS W ITH EDUCATION LEADERS Interview with Dr. Yasmin Meah Leader in Medical Education and Community Service Dani Dumitriu Dr. Yasmin Meah, MD is the faculty founder of the East Harlem Health Outreach Program, a student-run freeclinic based at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and director of the InterAct Clerkship, a longitudinal Ambulatory Care Clerkship. For her work with the free clinic, she was recognized by the 2007 Humanism in Medicine Award given by the Association of Medical Colleges— Dr. Meah is the youngest person to ever receive this honor. Dr. Yasmin Meah, internist and founder of free clinic at Icahn School of Medicine The Rossi writer Dani Dumitriu was pleased to discuss with Dr. Meah the road to that led to her passion towards teaching and service, including influence from her immigrant parents. Dr. Meah also discusses the balance of her life between her patients, students, family and passion towards the arts. THE ROSSI GOES LIVE ONLINE The Rossi articles are featured on Read articles online and join in on the conversation today. 1

The Rossi Quarterly Issue #1 2013

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