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 INTERVIEW WITH DR. BASIL HANSS (CON’T) ISSUE 2 2013 QUARTERLY ............................... 2  FIRST GENERATION SCHOLARS: A STUDENT RUN PROGRAM ........... 5  MEDICAL EDUCATION RESEARCH CORNER: CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF RECENT LITERATURE ... 8 The Rossi Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai MEDICAL EDUCATION NEW S, RESEARCH REVIEW S, TEACHING TIPS, CONVERSATIONS W ITH EDUCATION LEADERS Interview with Dr. Basil Hanss A Teacher of Teachers and Distinguished Scientist Alexa Mieses Basil Hanss, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nephrology and an Associate Dean in the Division of Biomedical Sciences. He also oversees the Humanities in Medicine (HuMed) program, and is the Associate Course Director for the first year Physiology course. In addition to mentoring graduate and medical students, Dr. Hanss also provides support and mentorship to faculty. Despite Dr. Hanss’ very busy schedule, The Rossi editor, Alexa Mieses, had an opportunity to sit with him to discuss his career and medical education. What set you on your path to becoming involved in medical education? I started getting involved while I was in graduate school. I was a PhD student in physiology and they needed tutors to help the medical students who were struggling in physiology. What is your philosophy on curriculum design and teaching? The basic philosophy I have is that teaching is all about a logical sequence of events and that logical progression of thought is what you need to provide students with, so they can anchor the information as much as possible. That is the foundation of it—building a concept from not understanding at all, not being exposed to it, all the way to understanding the concept and the surrounding details we need in medical school. In terms of the bigger picture of curriculum, you take the information provided in lecture and reinforce it with as many teaching modalities as you can. If a major concept is presented in lecture, it THE ROSSI GOES LIVE ONLINE The Rossi articles are featured on Read articles online and join in on the conversation today. 1

The Rossi Medical Student Quarterly Report 2013 Issue 2

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