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2011 DUKE CLUB PLEDGE CARD Full Name: Give Online at DUKEDOGPRIDE.COM 2011 Pledge: $ Address: Only charge $_________ of my pledge now. City/State/Zip: My employer/spouse’s employer will match my gift. You must submit a matching gift form. All expected matches are included in pledge amount and must be paid in full by 12/31/11. Company Name: Customer # Preferred Phone: (Circle One) Cell Home Business I would like to pay in full. Expected Match: Preferred Email: Benefits & Taxes Referred By: I am declining ONLY hospitality benefits. Select Payment Option: I am declining ALL benefits associated with my donation. Including priority ticket(s) and priority parking based on Duke Club ranking. Enclosed is my CHECK made payable to: JMU Foundation I would like to make my gift via a monthly payment. Please charge my CREDIT CARD (Circle One) American Express Mastercard Discover Please charge my checking account* $ (*Please include a voided check.) Exp. Date Routing Number Former Student-Athlete/Sport: Credit Card No. Grad Yr: Visa on the 20th of each month. Checking Account Number JMU Duke Club ~ MSC 0402, 380 University Blvd., Harrisonburg, VA 22807 ~ (540) 568-6461

2011 Duke Club Pledge Card

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