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ORDINANCE NO. 10AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TEMECULA AMENDING THE TEMECULA MUNICIPAL CODE BY ADDING A NEW CHAPTER 5.06, LAWFUL HIRING COMPLIANCE, AMENDING SECTIONS 5.04.270, 5.04.280 AND 5.04.300, ADDING SECTION 5.04.310 AND REPEALING SECTION 5.04.200 REQUIRING EMPLOYERS TO VERIFY WITH THE WORK AUTHORIZATION STATUS OF NEWLY HIRED WORKERS UNDER FEDERAL LAW AS A CONDITION OF RECEIVING A BUSINESS LICENSE, PROVIDING FOR REMEDIES FOR VIOLATIONS AND PROVIDING FOR APPEALS OF ADMINISTRATIVE DECISIONS CONCERNING SUCH REQUIREMENTS THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TEMECULA DOES HEREBY ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. Chapter 5.06, Lawful Hiring Compliance, is hereby added to the Temecula Municipal Code to read as follows: Chapter 5.06 Lawful Hiring Compliance Sections: 5.06.010 - Definitions. 5.06.020 - Knowingly employing undocumented workers. 5.06.030 - Verification of employment eligibility. 5.06.040 - Violations. 5.06.050 - Appeal. 5.06.060 - Severability. 5.06.010 - Definitions. Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, the following words and terms as used in this chapter shall have the following meanings: A. "City clerk" means the city clerk of the city and his or her designee(s). B. "City manager" means the city manager of the city or his or her designee responsible for administering this chapter.

Temecula’s recently approved E-Verify ordinance

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