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S]ATE OFCALI}OIINIA RICK CARUSO OFI.-ICERS I)A\']D BARRY SANDERS PRESIDEN-I ]SRAF-L FAB],{N R, WESSON DAVID ]SRAEI\TICE PRES]DENT ANTHONY W]LLIA]\IS I'ATR]CK T LYNCH GENERAL J\,1ANAGER cIHIEF ADi!,ltNlSTRATtVE Ol.FICElt COUNTY OF LOS ANGEI,ES -{LTERNATE DON KNABE N,IARK RIDLEY.'IHOMAS ZEV \AROSLAVSK\' N4lCHAEL D, ANTONOVI['H SITE OF 19.12 AND 1984 OLYXIPICS ATITI,ETICS COIII PETIT'ION opENrNG &CLOSING CEREMOT_IE' ALIEI{NNfE SITE OF 1981 OLYMPICS .a oxrNc corf cITy oF pETrrroN LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL COLISEUM COMMISSION coLlsEUM,3911 S.FIGUEROAST..(213)747,7111 FAX: (213) 74a-5828 . . Los ANGFLES, W JEIIO''IESTANIFY SPORTSARENA,3g3gS.F|GUEROAST.Ql3)7477111 IOlr',1 L.aBONGE rol{N^alli*\lllllAMs CALTFORNTA e0037 . FAx: (213) 746 s346 June 30, 2010 Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky Hall of Administration, Room 822 500 West Temple Street Los Angeles, California 90012 Dear Zev: Thank you for your thoughtful letter. I share your concerns and I agree with your proposal. At our upcoming meeting I will propose that the Commissioners adopt a moratorium on Coliseum Management's entering into any contractual arrangements with persons or entities promoting raves. I, as President, will instruct management to observe such a moratorium in the period between now and our meeting. Sincerely, ,v1-2 /! Barry A. Sanders President Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission C: Pat Lynch LOS ANGELES Siti+1"f;iit[:

L.A. Coliseum Commission letter

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