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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER MOVING TOWARD A WORLD FREE OF MS | LATE SUMMER 2010 CONSIDER THE GARDEN by Kimberly Childers With the late rains in May, the air has been perfectly clear in the mornings. This is when people living with MS should be out in the garden. The early morning dew-quenched garden or the big moonlit night works for me and provides an opportunity to work in the garden, but not suffer through the summer heat. Gardening is delicious therapy for people living with MS, and well, for everyone. There are potagers (French kitchen gardens) to tend and giant terra cotta renderings of culinary herbs, which in their own right are indeed medicinal. If you don’t have a pot of aromatic basil to delight your tomatoes or fill your blender with rich, green pesto, it’s time to get to the nursery and bring some plants home! I always call the nurseries ahead of time and arrange for my “pick up”. The smaller nurseries will come to your car and deliver your selections if mobility is an issue, and I tend to frequent the smaller nurseries for that reason. Although if they had the staff, I bet places like Home Depot would come to your car and deliver your selections as well. A good nursery will offer advice and answer your questions and I have found that they love to help. Look online or in the phone book for nurseries in your area and by all means, get into your garden! FAMILY FUN, COURTESY OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER! The Family Recreation and Support program provides one-time awards to families, ensuring that the high costs of MS do not pose a barrier to the quality of life for children living in families who experience MS. Examples may include helping send a family on a weekend outing to a sporting event, paying for school pictures, back to school clothes and supplies, school uniforms, camp fees, driving lessons, Little League fees, etc. Limit: $400 annually. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please call Jacki at 800.344.4867, option 2, ext. 73002 SACRAMENTO OFFICE HAS MOVED! The Sacramento office of the National MS Society, Northern California Chapter has moved. Our new address is: 4221 Northgate Blvd, Suite #4 Sacramento, CA 95834 Phone numbers have remained the same. If you have any questions, please call 800-3444867 or 916-927-8000.

MS Connection Late Summer

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