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MAY 2010 408.358.3033 jewish c mmunity news for everything jewish in silicon print Local Jewish physician performs circumcisions in conjunction with rabbis By Cecily Ruttenberg When Vanina Sandel Mutchnik learned she was pregnant with a boy, she began to research whom she and her husband, Sharon, would use for the brit (ritual circumcision). While Jews traditionally use a mohel, trained in the art of brit milah (ritual circumcision), Vanina knew of another option—using a pediatrician and rabbi together. This choice made sense for Vanina. She already had a strong relationship with the Los Gatos Jewish pediatrician Dr. Lewis Osofsky, whom she knew from his role as a board member at Hillel (where Vanina works as the assistant director). Vanina knew Dr. Osofsky performed brits and she and her husband had a relationship with Beth David’s Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun. Said Vanina, “From the moment I moved to the U.S., I met him (Dr. Osofsky) and I have a relationship with him. I knew he was a pediatrician. I knew that when we do the brit I wanted to do it halachically (according to Jewish law), Vanina Sandel Mutchnik and Sharon Mutchnik were assisted by a but I also wanted the person who would physician and rabbi at the their son’s brit milah. do the cutting to have all the medical knowledge. I wouldn’t have done it with any physician. I felt like he provided the Jewish knowledge and medical knowledge.” continued on page 4 continued on p.p.4 4 IN THIS ISSUE: Beth David welcomes new assistant rabbi...p. 8 Senior Living.....p.19 Silicon Valley celebrates Israel photos................p.18 San Jose teen raises $5k for Haiti.....p. 11 Hebrew High grads and confirmands.....p. 33 Twenty-three local teens return from March of the Living p. 15 Published by the Jewish Federation of Silicon valley Vol. #74, Issue #1, MAY 2010 Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley 14855 Oka Rd. Suite 200 Los Gatos, CA 95032 Change Service Requested NONPROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID SAN JOSE, CA PERMIT #553

JCN May 2010

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